Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last post for 2014

2 more sleeps before new year. Like always, I'm very excited when it comes to December, but unfortunately this year is the exception. There are some sad news (even though I also got many good news this month). 

Betrayal. I thought I only read this word in a book. But now when I experience it by myself, it hurts really bad. People said that I think too much. Indeed I think too much. I admit it. It is one of my positive and also negative point. I wish I'm an ignorant person so I don't really feel this bad. But, in the end I still can't deny this. It hurts so bad. They said time will heal everything. I agree. But I also agree that the scar will also there forever.

But they said, you learn something when you fall. Yes, I learn... don't expect something too much. Because everything that too much will hurt you so much.

2 more sleeps and I hope I can forget everything when I step into the new year. 2014...It's been a good year but I hope next year will be better.

Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil

Hello Ladies~ Today I will talk about another popular western brand outside there. This time I'll talk about the famous Urban Decay. Not the Naked Palette *though I wish I can have one and review it on my blog in the future* but today I will review another famous product from UD called UD 24/7 glide on eye pencil.

I have 2 colors for these pencils. 1 in travel size, 1 in real size. The first one is Bourbon, it is a medium brown color with shimmer. And the second one is Binge, it is like combination between navy blue and silver color.

Price: For the travel size I got it for IDR 50.000/pc. As for the real size I got it for IDR 150.000/pc


 Left: Binge, Right: Bourbon

The texture of these pencils are very creamy. It can be blends easily so it is suitable for smokey makeup. The pigmentation is really great and it is really really waterproof. Even when you rub it while it's still wet, it will stays perfectly on your eyes. This is not a mechanic pencil, so it is need to be sharpen once it dull. You can use this pencil as an eyeliner and you can also use it as an eyeshadow, Usually after I apply it on my eyes, I smudge it and blends it with powder eyeshadow. It works good and provide a nice color.

Here are my EOTD using these pencil~ Use it as an eyeshadow. Which one is your favourite? Blue eyes or Brown eyes?

Creamy texture
The staying power is awesome
Pigmented color
Has many color selection

The price is quite expensive. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Private Event: Grand Opening Misslyn Surabaya

Hello girls~ I was invited by Misslyn to joined their Grand Opening Store at Matahari Dept Store at Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya on Nov 29th. I've already knew about this event long time ago because Yennyca told me about it, but when it comes to the time, the representative from the brand asked Lina to gather the Surabaya beauty bloggers. So, thanks to Lina too~ I made a little mistake with my email address and Lina was very kind to informed it again to Anna (the brand representative). 

Anyway~ back to the event report! It was held on Saturday afternoon, since I still work on Saturday, I was in a rush to catch the event. Luckily I'm not late! It was held in a small and private room inside Matahari Dept Store (I don't know Matahari has such a room hahaha) and they decorated the room with soooo many sweet, cute and pretty things~

Now, after snapped some pictures, the event finally started. Misslyn is a cosmetic brand from Germany. It has a very unique marketing concept which is "Seductive"

Meet Anna (the representative from the brand). She explained about Misslyn with the help of the presentation slides (which make us going crazy and loud because the male model is super hot! lol). Because their concept is seductive, most of the advertisement of Misslyn products are displayed with sexy concept, like this one~

Misslyn also has a nice slogan, " Your Beauty, Your Colors, Your Style " Misslyn uses this slogan to combine the world of young fashion with the world of colors. Currently they have a lot products from eyes, face, lips, and also nail polish.

Spot the cute pinky thing on the left of the MISSLYN word? It is the Misslyn Mascara Shield. It is a life saver for those who love to use mascara. It helps prevents the mascara to smudge on your face.

So after the presentation, next is the make up demo. I'm sorry I don't know the model's name, all of us only call her Mbak~ and she is very funny. She keep posing when the cameras turn on even though Anna only do make up on half of her face. Here is the final result~ *Sorry for the different lightning*

Though the make up demo, there are some products that caught my eyes~ the first one is the Foundation. It is gel type and provides dewy finish. It has a very nice coverage. Second is the concealar, the coverage is good and it doesn't looks cakey for under eye. Last is the Lipstick! I love the smooth texture and the pigmented color. It also very lightweight on lips. Another one that I love is their nail polishes. It is dry fast and they have many color selections.


And now~ pictures spam!!

Selfie! photobombed by Kathy lol

Ce mindy won the best dress~ yennyca and kathy are the other candidates

Met Sekar for the first time~ and also Yessy! I miss this girl~

Full Team~ Thanks ce Mindy for sending me this pict. Taken from Kathy's cam

 With Nessya~ Pict Credit to Nessya.

Another group picture~ Credit to Chyntian

With Yennyca ~ taken from my Instagram

The Goodie Bag~
I also got a polaroid picture and a lollipop~

Thank you Misslyn for having me and the other beauty bloggers :)

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