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FOTD: BF bday dinner~

Hey girls~ so last saturday was my BF bday and like always we were having a dinner to celebrate it. This time we tried the Italian restaurant at Jl. Soematra called Isola Ristorante Italliano. Heard about this place from some friends. They said the food and the atmosphere are good (PS: You need to reserved the place first before going there).
Here are some pictures of me~ *beware a lot of pictures!* 

 Matching nails and dress~ hehehe
And here are some pictures from the restaurants~

My favorite Mushroom Soup *The real name is very long and hard to remember* It tastes really good~

BF Bday cake~ Tiramissu!

Happy Birthday My favourite man in the world~ I wish you all the best and God Bless You always!

Review: Ultraflesh Shine Box Highlight and Shimmer [Sponsored]

Hello~ Like I promised before, I'm back again with new review. I'm sure you already quite bored with my story about Thailand trip *hehehe sorry*. Today I'll bring you something different! Have you ever heard about If you're not let me explain about this store. is the largest online retailer in the world of makeup, perfume, and skin care. It has more than 30.000 products from 600+ leading brands and also up to 60% discount. also offer FREE Delivery for all orders.

I received a cute beauty kit from StrawberryNET (Thank you!) for review purposed and now I will share my opinion with you. This beauty kit called Ultraflesh Shine Box Highlight and Shimmer. This beauty-to-go kit contains: 1 all over enhancer2 all over shimmer2 all over highlighter Let's talk a little about the packaging~
The outer box is like the other cosmetic box, nothing special. While for the main packaging is quite interesting. They combine 5 differ…

Thailand Trip: Day 5~ Dream World

I promise this is the last post about my Thailand trip~ Now let's see the last part of my trip. On 15th January, we went to an amusement park called Dream World. I'm not sure about the excact location but I think it still outside Bangkok city and it also near Dong Muang airport. So, in the morning we checked out from our hotel at Pattaya then when to dry food market to shop some famous dry food from Thailand. The best seller one is dried fruit such as Durian, Pineapple, and Mango. After that we went to Dream World.

The amusement park is very very very wide and full of cute things. From cute statue, food hall, and of course the famous roller coaster, viking, bumper car, haunted mansion, etc. Also there are some souvenir and clothes stores inside this amusement park. Spot Naraya? It is a famous local brand for handmade bag and accessories.

Also one of my favourite place is the Snow Town. We need to rent jacket and boots to enter this place. It is very cold brrr... 

After played…

Thailand Trip: Day 4~ All around Pattaya!

Yuhuu~ It's day 4~ We started the day by having breakfast at hotel and then went to Honey farm. Thailand is well know for its honey and their families (Royal jelly, bee pollen, etc). We enter a small room like a classroom and the owner started to explain about the products. We also got some free drink hehehe~

After that we continue our trip to Pattaya floating market. Basicly it's a traditional market that float on the water. The store and the road are made from wood. The market carried a lot of things from clothes, handmade items, and also food. The price is quite expensive, though. and also mostly the seller can't speak english. I'm very surprised about this because as far as I know, the floating market is well-known among tourist so I expect the seller can talk english.

Next destination, we went to a large fruits and vegetables farm. It's located quite far from the city. I remembered we need to rode bus for almost 1,5 hours before reach the farm. We got a speci…

Thailand Trip: Day 3~ Pattaya!

Welcome to day 3! are you still with me??? So, on day 3 which is 13th January (the day that the demonstrants shutdown Bangkok). We finished our breakfast early and then transfer to Pattaya. We spent almost all the time at Pattaya because our tour leader want us to feel safe.
First destination at Pattaya, we went to Silverlake Frape farm. This is a very large grape farm owned by famous Thailand artist. We only sightseeing here and took some pictures. Also I tried some grape cake here (forgot to took picture). The taste is delicious~

After that we went to Laser Buddha mountain. Again, due to the hot weather, I didn't go up to the mountain and just took picture from far away. It will be more awesome if we went there in the night because the Buddha will look more shinning.

Next destination is Nongnooch Village. We saw thailand traditional village and elephant show here. The elephants are very cute and talented! they can dance and even draw~ wow. Also spot the tigers here. We can tak…