Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thailand Trip: Day 3~ Pattaya!

Welcome to day 3! are you still with me???
So, on day 3 which is 13th January (the day that the demonstrants shutdown Bangkok). We finished our breakfast early and then transfer to Pattaya. We spent almost all the time at Pattaya because our tour leader want us to feel safe.

First destination at Pattaya, we went to Silverlake Frape farm. This is a very large grape farm owned by famous Thailand artist. We only sightseeing here and took some pictures. Also I tried some grape cake here (forgot to took picture). The taste is delicious~

After that we went to Laser Buddha mountain. Again, due to the hot weather, I didn't go up to the mountain and just took picture from far away. It will be more awesome if we went there in the night because the Buddha will look more shinning.

Next destination is Nongnooch Village. We saw thailand traditional village and elephant show here. The elephants are very cute and talented! they can dance and even draw~ wow. Also spot the tigers here. We can take picture with the tiger but I'm too afraid to took one so only snap the pictures from afar.

After that we still go to Gems Factory and Hard Rock shop to shopping but I didn't took any pictures. so let's move on to the final destination. And highlight of the day is none other than the Alcazar Show! all the dancers are lady boy, but they are super beautiful and talented. I really enjoy the show.

That's all about my first night at Pattaya~ see you on next chapter!

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  1. aq jd kangen Thailand baca post2mu sha, dl aq sering ksana trs bosen n bertahun2 males ksana lg tp skrg udah kangen hahaha. itu ya lady boys, bikin kita2 yg asli wanita ga pede, kalah seksi! tinggi2 kurus2 seksoyyy bok

    1. wkwkwk kesana lagi ceee <3 seru shopping2nya ^^

  2. waah, kapan cece ke thailand? aku juga liburan ini kesana:D pengen ketemu cece dehu,u
    cce foto sama ladyboynya gak? tinggi banget mereka cantik pula u,u

    1. Udah minggu lalu say..sekarang uda balik ^^
      Yang foto temen2ku yang cowo..cakep2 semua jadi minder hehehe

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