Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thailand Trip: Day 4~ All around Pattaya!

Yuhuu~ It's day 4~ We started the day by having breakfast at hotel and then went to Honey farm. Thailand is well know for its honey and their families (Royal jelly, bee pollen, etc). We enter a small room like a classroom and the owner started to explain about the products. We also got some free drink hehehe~

After that we continue our trip to Pattaya floating market. Basicly it's a traditional market that float on the water. The store and the road are made from wood. The market carried a lot of things from clothes, handmade items, and also food. The price is quite expensive, though. and also mostly the seller can't speak english. I'm very surprised about this because as far as I know, the floating market is well-known among tourist so I expect the seller can talk english.

Next destination, we went to a large fruits and vegetables farm. It's located quite far from the city. I remembered we need to rode bus for almost 1,5 hours before reach the farm. We got a special tour by riding an open car (not sure how to mention this in english, in Indonesia we usually call this odong-odong).

The first farm is Fruits farm. We can eat various fruits as many as we want here. From Durian, mango, apple, jackfruit, etc. They provide all you can eat system. Too bad I'm not really into fruits and vegetables wkwkwk.

Next, we move to the vegetables farm. Still rode the same car. Here we can also eat free Rujak as a compliments. The taste is quite delicious!

To end the day, we went shopping to Centrall Mall at Pattaya, but I (and also my friends) decided to shop at the night market outside the mall because the price is more cheaper and also we still can bargain. No pictures because I'm too busy shopping hehehe.

This is the end of Part 4, talk to you again on the last part (soon).

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  1. aaa klo ak jd cc ak makan duren yg bnyk *gamaurugi* lol
    yg di pattaya bagus kah ci floating marketnya? ak peginya ke yg di dkt bangkok >,<

    1. Biasa sih kalau menurutku hahaha.. kalau harga barang-barangnya agak mahal, mending belanja di pasar malam lebih murah-murah dan bisa ditawar lagi

  2. I haven't been to Thailand yet, but I'd love to visit Pattaya and its Floating Marketing and Fruits Farm. I love fruits so I'd definitely enjoy the eat-all-you-can! :D With veggies, not so much. Haha!

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog. Following your blog now. Hope you can follow back. ^^

    Senang bertemu Anda!

  3. The market carried a lot of things from clothes, handmade items, and also food. The price is quite expensive, though.

  4. Your picture helps me think about how excellent Thailand is for travelling. I want to book online pattaya so that I can enjoy such a trip as well. After all, adventures like these don't happen much often.


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