Friday, January 24, 2014

Thailand Trip: Day 5~ Dream World

I promise this is the last post about my Thailand trip~ Now let's see the last part of my trip. On 15th January, we went to an amusement park called Dream World. I'm not sure about the excact location but I think it still outside Bangkok city and it also near Dong Muang airport. So, in the morning we checked out from our hotel at Pattaya then when to dry food market to shop some famous dry food from Thailand. The best seller one is dried fruit such as Durian, Pineapple, and Mango. After that we went to Dream World.

The amusement park is very very very wide and full of cute things. From cute statue, food hall, and of course the famous roller coaster, viking, bumper car, haunted mansion, etc. Also there are some souvenir and clothes stores inside this amusement park. Spot Naraya? It is a famous local brand for handmade bag and accessories.

Also one of my favourite place is the Snow Town. We need to rent jacket and boots to enter this place. It is very cold brrr... 

After played for all day long, we went to airport to come back home.. How I miss Surabaya~ now this is the end of my report. See you again really soon with a new review.


  1. Cepete posting trips e, aq isa berbulan2 baru selesai hahaha

  2. enaknya bs foto2 di snow town ce >.< kpn hr aku ke Snow World e genting ga boleh foto2 blas e..
    cepet bgt posting nya ce.. aku jg sama kyk ce mindy.. bs berbulan2 :v

  3. Ini mumpung masih inget rutenya dan kebetulan ada waktuhehehe

  4. Ahh... Kemaren ga sempat ke sana.. Kayaknya keren yaa :)


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