Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review: Pasjel Everbright Blue [Sponsored]

Hi girls~ kali ini aku mau berbagi sedikit review mengenai brand Thailand yang cukup populer di kalangan beauty blogger belakangan ini. Brand tersebut adalah Pasjel. Beberapa waktu lalu Pasjel Indonesia mengadakan giveaway dan aku terpilih sebagai salah satu pemenangnya. Produk yang aku dapatkan dan akan aku review kali ini adalah Pasjel Everbright Blue

  • Packaging:
Saat aku terima, kotak pembungkus luarnya sudah dalam kondisi yang tidak sempurna a.k.a sudah penyok seperti yang terlihat di gambar. Jadi yang aku bahas sekarang langsung masuk ke packaging utamanya ya...
Aku suka dengan konsep packaging yang ditawarkan. Warna logonya biru muda (sesuai namanya pasjel yang mungkin sedikit mengarah ke pastel = warna soft *this is my own opinion, ignore this*). Packagingnya mengingatkanku seperti packaging ice cream. Plus perpaduan warna putih dan biru muda membuat kemasannya terlihat seperti kemasan ice cream rasa bubblegum hahahaha *give me an ice cream please~*.

Kemasannya terbuat dari plastik dan cukup kuat. Akan tetapi ada 1 hal yang aku sayangkan dari kemasan ini. Aku lihat di beberapa foto yang aku temukan di google, di bagian tengah kemasan ada sekat pemisah antara cream dan tutup kemasan tetapi saat aku membuka cream milikku tidak ada sekat pembatas antara cream dan tutup kemasan. Hal ini mengakibatkan banyak produk yang menempel di tutup kemasan dan ada beberapa yang keluar dari kemasan dan menempel di kotak pembungkus luar. Don't know why mine doesn't have any separator~
  • Cream:
Sesuai dengan warna packagingnya, warna cream ini adalah biru muda dan memiliki wangi seperti wangi bedak bayi. Wanginya cukup kuat dan aku kurang suka dengan hal ini. Aku biasanya lebih suka produk dengan wangi yang soft dan tidak terlalu kuat.

Tekstur creamnya sedikit lebih kental daripada body lotion dan cepat meresap. Aku cukup takjub dengan cream ini karena setelah dioleskan tidak butuh waktu lama sampai creamnya meresap dan tidak menimbulkan kesan lengket sama sekali.

  • Effect:
Everbright blue atau pasjel warna biru ini dikhususkan mencerahkan kulit gelap dan membuat kulit kusam terlihat lebih bercahaya. Pasjel ini aman untuk kulit dan bahkan mereka sampai menambahkan slogan free from steroid di kemasannya [Steroid biasanya terdapat di cream-cream pemutih yang jika digunakan dalam jangka panjang akan mengakibatkan penyakit pada kulit]. Aku sudah menggunakan body cream ini selama kurang lebih seminggu dan berikut bisa dilihat perbandingan warna kulitku sebelum dan sesudah pemakaian:

FYI pada dasarnya aku sudah memiliki warna kulit putih/kuning jadi mungkin kalian kurang bisa melihat perbedaannya. Kalau aku pribadi melihat efeknya memang membuat kulitku lebih cerah.

  • Pros Pasjel Everbright Blue:
Cute Packaging
Creamnya ringan dan cepat meresap
Tidak menimbulkan rasa lengket
Memberikan efek cerah pada kulit

  • Cons Pasjel Everbright Blue:
The scent is too strong for me
Cepat kering [Harus dioles dan dibaurkan dengan cepat]
Hanya bisa dipesan secara online

More information and Where To Buy Pasjel Products, Go visit:
Pasjel Indonesia

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review

Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

Hello Ladies~ how are you today?
This time I will talk about my current mascara from Maybelline. Actually this is not the latest varian but I just tried it lately. This is called Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. Judging from the name, It claims to give false eyelashes effect on my lashes.

I always interested with everything that can make my eyes looks bigger. That's why I'm really excited to try this mascara. Well, I've tried similar mascara like this from Max Factor, and not really impressed with the result. That's why I'm curious with this mascara result. FYI, Maybelline is very popular with its mascara. One of my favourite is the Magnum (the one with yellow bottle)

The Packaging~
As usual, the packaging is a fat tube with glossy purple color. Almost all Maybelline mascara (that distributed in Indonesia) have fat packaging like this but with different color. Though I don't really dislike it, sometimes I found it's kinda need more space inside my make up pouch because of its fat packaging. It has a curved wand and it really helps to make my lashes looks longer. But, because the wand is quite fat, it's hard to reach my inner lashes.

The formula~
This is a waterproof mascara and it is smudgeproof. It also doesn't clump even when I use several layers (just make sure you wait for few second before apply the next layer. I learn this from some beauty show on youtube.) The result is quite good for me, it really helps to make my lashes more visible and looks length. But for the effect like using false eyelashes, I don't think it works for me. So, overall this is just an "okay" mascara for me. Suitable for daily use and the result is quite good.

Here are my before-after picture.

What do you think about this mascara? Maybelline already have a new varian called The Rocket Mascara. I also want to try that mascara but maybe later when I've already finished this one.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog Sale [February 2014]

Please read before you buy....
1. Pengiriman ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia dengan menggunakan TIKI/JNE dari Surabaya. Untuk ongkir bisa dicek di . Please don't request different expedition.

2. Transfer hanya melalui rekening BCA. Harga tertera belum termasuk ongkos kirim (tolong lihat ke poin 1 untuk ongkos kirim)

3. Semua barang dijual per paket. Tidak bisa saling tukar menukar varian. All products in good condition and free samples for every purchase. For review, swatch, benefit, etc please google by yourself :)

4. Serious buyer only, no haggling please. Email me at: [subject: blogsale] or line: laurensianatasha [fast response]

Paket 1 SOLD : Eyeliner + Mascara [ki-ka]
Collection Intense Colour Pencil Eyeliner Black [New]
Koji Smooth Eyeliner Black [Only swatch 1x, automatic eyeliner]
Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof liquid eyeliner Black [Used 2-3 times]
Viva Perfecting Eyelash Mascara Black [New]
Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara Brown [New hanya segel plastik sudah dilepas]

Paket 2 SOLD : Eyeliner + Mascara + Brush [ki-ka]
 Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara Dancing Blue [New hanya segel plastik sudah dilepas] 
Sleek Kohl Kajal Black [New]
Maybelline Pencil Eyeliner Black [Swatch 1x]
MUFE Aqua eyes Black [PL Condition like in the picture]
Kay collection Duo brush [New]

Paket 3 Rp 100.000 : Lips + Eye [Ki-ka]
Maybelline Color Tatto Gold [Swatch 1x, like new]
Etude House Cupcake all over color [PL 90%]
Catrice Liptint [PL 90%]

Paket 4 SOLD : Blush + Eyeshadow [ki-ka]
Daiso Elefaar Multi Cheek Pink [New]
Wardah Eyeshadow [New]
Collection Blush [New]
ELF Blush and Contouring powder [PL 90%]

 Paket 5 SOLD : Foundation + BB Cream [ki-ka]
Secret Key Snow White cream + CC cream [Sample]
Collection Cover and GO foundation + Concealer Shade Light [Swatched 1x)
The Face Shop Clean Face BB Cream [New]

Friday, February 21, 2014

Cute Corner February~14 Edition

So, I decide to start another new series on my blog called cute corner. Being a girl, I always can't say no anything cute. My definition about cute isn't only related to small stuff or something pinky but more than that. It can be food, place, stuffs, or random things that I found it's cute. I've posted some pictures on my instagram dan dayre, but I also want to post here on my main blog about this. I will not post about this daily *you can follow my instagram for the latest update* but maybe once a month. I'll collect all the cute things that I got during 1 month and post it here by the end of the month. Now for the first episode...please welcome these cuties!

My handmade Pocky~ made this by sticking 2-3 pockies together with melt chocolate then decorate it with sprinkles~

Giant Hello Kitty Bow! I can't say no to Hello Kitty~ omg~ this is just too cute! Found this by coincidence at Smile Gift Shop.

Couple Line Mug~ Connie and Brown! Got this from BF *FYI: You can buy this at Indomaret* 

Meet the Flying Horse! This is a Kingston Flashdisc. Every year they launched new character based on chinesse zodiac, this year the character is Horse *or a pegasus in my eyes*

Choco Tiramissu~ my dessert on Valentine's day~ I really really adore the chef who made the raimbow butterfly from chocolate. It is so beautiful until I don't want to eat it. And I think it's really hard too make~

Meet my cute lime sorbet. The whole packaging was made from Ice. They even add some dry ice on the bottom of the packaging to make the ice stay hard and not melt. Very nice and cute idea for a dessert.

That's all for my first episode of cute corner~ Will back again next month!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Black Friday Haul and Random Haul

Hi girls~ are you still remember about last year black friday? Well, I managed to put some orders during that event and finally get them in my hand now. Unfortunately not all my orders come to me like I want huhuhu. Some of them are sold out during the event and I can get my pwetty babies hikz. I count there are 4 items that has been sold out in my order, including Etude House Minnie mouse lipsticks, Etude House Vivid pop stick, and my most wanted lipstick from EM T__T. Just realized that all the sold out items are lipsticks, maybe this is a sign that I need to stop buying a lipstick, eh? nooooo~

Now, let's skip the sad news with another happy news. These are my new babies that arrived safely on my hand~ lalalala.

The first one, MUA Matte Lipstick (Yes, another lipstick). My first choice is the Peachy Keen color. Red coral color is one of my favourite color. Don't know why but I always ended bought similar color like this wkwkwk. The second one is Pink Pouty. Bought this because it will be a waste on shipping fee if I only bought 1, so bought another one. There's always a room for another lipstick, right?
I've tried the peachy keen and I love the color, as for the pink one, still haven't tried it. Will write a full review about it if I already tried it.

Next~ Welcome home my baby Clio! Since I tried their pencil eyeliner (last year), I fell in love with this brand. They had a special offer last year and the price is quite acceptable for me. So I bought 2 colors. My choice is black and brown (the most common colors) but the seller give a wrong shade for me and I ended have brown and blood (dark red). It's okay for me because the red color is also nice and I just remembered (after I put my order) that I already ordered black pen eyeliner from Milani. So the wrong shade is okay for me hehehehe.

Brush Guard~ Thanks for my beby Yennyca for helping me purchased this brush guard. Bought this from Female Daily Forum and because I don't have an ID there, I always ask yenyen to help me with my order wkwkwk. Too bad we missed the EM beb, I hope next time we will get the EM! *fighting!*

Milani Eye Tech Extreme
I still don't have any comment about this because I still haven't use it until now. Will write full review later. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
The reason behind my decision to buy this item is because the matte control words on its packaging and how many people claim this really can make their face stay matte for hours. I'm very surprised when the first time I received this powder because there is a crown logo on the powder, which is Rimmel's logo and it makes this powder looks like a badge that Usagi used to transform herself into Sailor Moon hahahaha.

 FOTD Using NYX SMLC Antwerp~

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ~ Antwerp
This is my favourite pick from all my haul items. I really love the color. It's like a combination between red and orange color. At first I was hesitated to pick this color because the color swatch on their website look ugly for me. But of course we need the power of google before decide to buy something hehehe. There are many good review about this color and I saw the real color when it swatched on the lips so yeah I decided to pick this color. And guess what? I'm very happy with my decision because the color is beautiful! PS: This is my first soft matte lip cream from NYX and I quickly fell in love with this product. Decided to buy more from this brand hehehe

Some random haul~ My favourite skincare from The Body Shop

And Victoria Secret Give Me Glam Make Up Kit
Bought this because of my "evil" friend, met her coincidentally at GM and she showed me her palette and pursued me to bought one too... see, I'm an easy person wkwkwk. But I think the price is very very affordable considering the brand and the real price. I got this palette for IDR 229 (normal price is around IDR 450). 

That's all my beauty haul, actually I still have more new items but mostly are clothes and bags~ Later I will be back again with new review. Have a nice day!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good Morning from Surabaya..
Today is Valentine's Day, the day that full of love but somehow the weather in Surabaya isn't really friendly. The ashes are everywhere around the corner because of the Kelud mountain activity (especially for those who lived around the area). It's kinda hard to see and to breath today~ Don't forget to use the face mask if you work outside. I hope this will end soon and there is no victim. *pray*

Like previous years, I always prepare chocolate for my boy when it comes to Valentine's day. I keep it simple this year because I don't have much time to prepare it. So here are that I made this year~

I named it "Rainbow Pocky Sticks". I got the idea from a beauty blogger from Korea and decided to make one for BF. It's really easy to make and the result is very cute ^^ and also add some words "I Luv U" to complete the gift~

Do you give a chocolate too for your loved one? Share with me ^^

PS: I snapped a picture with my mom last week~ the location is at Ciputra World Mall, the decoration is very cute especially the teddy bear ^^

PPS: I'm now on Dayre! I'll update my daily life there~ so if you want you can follow my account at Dayre

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

ibuybeauty is looking for 10 Beauty Bloggers!

Hello all~ have you ever heard about ibuybeauti? It is an online shop that sells beauty products from Korean brand. They already sponsored many beauty bloggers and one of them is Marxie. Now the good news~ ibuybeauty is currently looking for 10 beauty bloggers!

The beauty bloggers that chosen will help to provide honest review about the products from ibuybeauty. Interested to join? You can email your application to: with these format:

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Country:
  • Email:
  • Blog Address:
  • Skin type:
  • Best beauty review link:
  • Brief self introduction:

Application periods: Feb 3 - Feb 18, They will announce the winners on Feb 20. Now, what are you waiting for? come join the crowd!

More information about ibuybeauty, you can click here. Good luck!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese new year for all of you who celebrated it~ I'm having a small dinner with my family last thursday to celebrate the CNY eve. Well, I don't have large family in Surabaya, so I only celebrated it with my mom and dad. Because we didn't made any restaurant reservation before, almost all the restaurant that we went are full booked. Luckily we found a restaurant that can give us table because we only 3 persons wkwkwk. here are some pictures taken from my phone~

Red! must-wear-color-in-CNY

My dad said we must eat fish to celebrate the CNY, I guess old people believe that fish will bring luck to our life. 

Welcome the year of horse!

Talk to you again soon~

PS: What do you think about my new layout?
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