Monday, February 17, 2014

Black Friday Haul and Random Haul

Hi girls~ are you still remember about last year black friday? Well, I managed to put some orders during that event and finally get them in my hand now. Unfortunately not all my orders come to me like I want huhuhu. Some of them are sold out during the event and I can get my pwetty babies hikz. I count there are 4 items that has been sold out in my order, including Etude House Minnie mouse lipsticks, Etude House Vivid pop stick, and my most wanted lipstick from EM T__T. Just realized that all the sold out items are lipsticks, maybe this is a sign that I need to stop buying a lipstick, eh? nooooo~

Now, let's skip the sad news with another happy news. These are my new babies that arrived safely on my hand~ lalalala.

The first one, MUA Matte Lipstick (Yes, another lipstick). My first choice is the Peachy Keen color. Red coral color is one of my favourite color. Don't know why but I always ended bought similar color like this wkwkwk. The second one is Pink Pouty. Bought this because it will be a waste on shipping fee if I only bought 1, so bought another one. There's always a room for another lipstick, right?
I've tried the peachy keen and I love the color, as for the pink one, still haven't tried it. Will write a full review about it if I already tried it.

Next~ Welcome home my baby Clio! Since I tried their pencil eyeliner (last year), I fell in love with this brand. They had a special offer last year and the price is quite acceptable for me. So I bought 2 colors. My choice is black and brown (the most common colors) but the seller give a wrong shade for me and I ended have brown and blood (dark red). It's okay for me because the red color is also nice and I just remembered (after I put my order) that I already ordered black pen eyeliner from Milani. So the wrong shade is okay for me hehehehe.

Brush Guard~ Thanks for my beby Yennyca for helping me purchased this brush guard. Bought this from Female Daily Forum and because I don't have an ID there, I always ask yenyen to help me with my order wkwkwk. Too bad we missed the EM beb, I hope next time we will get the EM! *fighting!*

Milani Eye Tech Extreme
I still don't have any comment about this because I still haven't use it until now. Will write full review later. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
The reason behind my decision to buy this item is because the matte control words on its packaging and how many people claim this really can make their face stay matte for hours. I'm very surprised when the first time I received this powder because there is a crown logo on the powder, which is Rimmel's logo and it makes this powder looks like a badge that Usagi used to transform herself into Sailor Moon hahahaha.

 FOTD Using NYX SMLC Antwerp~

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ~ Antwerp
This is my favourite pick from all my haul items. I really love the color. It's like a combination between red and orange color. At first I was hesitated to pick this color because the color swatch on their website look ugly for me. But of course we need the power of google before decide to buy something hehehe. There are many good review about this color and I saw the real color when it swatched on the lips so yeah I decided to pick this color. And guess what? I'm very happy with my decision because the color is beautiful! PS: This is my first soft matte lip cream from NYX and I quickly fell in love with this product. Decided to buy more from this brand hehehe

Some random haul~ My favourite skincare from The Body Shop

And Victoria Secret Give Me Glam Make Up Kit
Bought this because of my "evil" friend, met her coincidentally at GM and she showed me her palette and pursued me to bought one too... see, I'm an easy person wkwkwk. But I think the price is very very affordable considering the brand and the real price. I got this palette for IDR 229 (normal price is around IDR 450). 

That's all my beauty haul, actually I still have more new items but mostly are clothes and bags~ Later I will be back again with new review. Have a nice day!


  1. lipstik di awal tuh aku kira innisfree sha trnyata bukan hahaha.. mirip banget XD

    1. hahaha iya sekilas mirip rin~ aku juga kapanan sempat mikir mirip banget ya modelnya hehehe

  2. The Rimmel Stay Matte powder insignia is quite cute!

  3. ditunggu review victoria secret make up kit nyaaa,,, =)

  4. Wihh ditunggu review makeup kit nya ya ce ^^

  5. haul nya oke bgt, ditunggu reviewnya ^^ .

  6. ditunggu reviewnya, ce ^.^ aku penasaran sama clio eyelinernya yang blood

  7. that's a great palette, and you got it at a nice price!

    Btw, I'm holding my first giveaway, come join it at OhDearBumblebees' Giveaway~*


  8. omooo ce makeup kit nya menggoda sekaliii XD harganya itu lhoo hahaha
    btw ditunggu review clio eyelinernya ce *w* aku jg ngincer tp blm kesampean beli wkwk

  9. hi! I hope you're enjoying the Tea-Tree experience, like I do :)
    I love the NYX lip creams too, currently have 2 shades and still wanting more.. *tengok dompet*
    oya, di Indo ada store-nya MUA nggak ya? I've been dreaming of some eye palettes from MUA :3


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