Friday, February 21, 2014

Cute Corner February~14 Edition

So, I decide to start another new series on my blog called cute corner. Being a girl, I always can't say no anything cute. My definition about cute isn't only related to small stuff or something pinky but more than that. It can be food, place, stuffs, or random things that I found it's cute. I've posted some pictures on my instagram dan dayre, but I also want to post here on my main blog about this. I will not post about this daily *you can follow my instagram for the latest update* but maybe once a month. I'll collect all the cute things that I got during 1 month and post it here by the end of the month. Now for the first episode...please welcome these cuties!

My handmade Pocky~ made this by sticking 2-3 pockies together with melt chocolate then decorate it with sprinkles~

Giant Hello Kitty Bow! I can't say no to Hello Kitty~ omg~ this is just too cute! Found this by coincidence at Smile Gift Shop.

Couple Line Mug~ Connie and Brown! Got this from BF *FYI: You can buy this at Indomaret* 

Meet the Flying Horse! This is a Kingston Flashdisc. Every year they launched new character based on chinesse zodiac, this year the character is Horse *or a pegasus in my eyes*

Choco Tiramissu~ my dessert on Valentine's day~ I really really adore the chef who made the raimbow butterfly from chocolate. It is so beautiful until I don't want to eat it. And I think it's really hard too make~

Meet my cute lime sorbet. The whole packaging was made from Ice. They even add some dry ice on the bottom of the packaging to make the ice stay hard and not melt. Very nice and cute idea for a dessert.

That's all for my first episode of cute corner~ Will back again next month!

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