Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese new year for all of you who celebrated it~ I'm having a small dinner with my family last thursday to celebrate the CNY eve. Well, I don't have large family in Surabaya, so I only celebrated it with my mom and dad. Because we didn't made any restaurant reservation before, almost all the restaurant that we went are full booked. Luckily we found a restaurant that can give us table because we only 3 persons wkwkwk. here are some pictures taken from my phone~

Red! must-wear-color-in-CNY

My dad said we must eat fish to celebrate the CNY, I guess old people believe that fish will bring luck to our life. 

Welcome the year of horse!

Talk to you again soon~

PS: What do you think about my new layout?


  1. ganti layout ya sha? gambar kartunnya lucu hehehee :)

  2. Sha cantik bangettt ^0^
    Gong Xi Fat Cai Shasha ^_^

  3. lucuu ci layout barunya :D hihih
    Gong xi fa chai :)

  4. Is that a cake?? looks so good!


  5. i like the new layout, its cute and fits you well i think :). You look cute and the foods bikin ngiler liatnya haha


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