Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good Morning from Surabaya..
Today is Valentine's Day, the day that full of love but somehow the weather in Surabaya isn't really friendly. The ashes are everywhere around the corner because of the Kelud mountain activity (especially for those who lived around the area). It's kinda hard to see and to breath today~ Don't forget to use the face mask if you work outside. I hope this will end soon and there is no victim. *pray*

Like previous years, I always prepare chocolate for my boy when it comes to Valentine's day. I keep it simple this year because I don't have much time to prepare it. So here are that I made this year~

I named it "Rainbow Pocky Sticks". I got the idea from a beauty blogger from Korea and decided to make one for BF. It's really easy to make and the result is very cute ^^ and also add some words "I Luv U" to complete the gift~

Do you give a chocolate too for your loved one? Share with me ^^

PS: I snapped a picture with my mom last week~ the location is at Ciputra World Mall, the decoration is very cute especially the teddy bear ^^

PPS: I'm now on Dayre! I'll update my daily life there~ so if you want you can follow my account at Dayre


  1. Happy Valentine! So sorry to hear about the volcanos! Hope nobody get hurt. And the pocky sticks couldnt be adorable enough! so cute

  2. hati-hati ya sha, jaga kesehatan selalu, soalnya aku denger dr tmn2 di surabaya kalau di sana langit sekarang gelap ketutup abu :) take care, GBU and ur fam <3

    1. Thank you cece~ Iya pagi kayak malem gelap gitu ketutup debu..semoga cepat balik normal lagi >_<

  3. ihhh lucu banget sha hihi <3
    happy Valentine day yaaa ^^

  4. aah lucuu bgt coklatnya <3 , happy valentine =) .
    hati2 ya sama abu keludnya, take care.


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