Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

Hello Ladies~ how are you today?
This time I will talk about my current mascara from Maybelline. Actually this is not the latest varian but I just tried it lately. This is called Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. Judging from the name, It claims to give false eyelashes effect on my lashes.

I always interested with everything that can make my eyes looks bigger. That's why I'm really excited to try this mascara. Well, I've tried similar mascara like this from Max Factor, and not really impressed with the result. That's why I'm curious with this mascara result. FYI, Maybelline is very popular with its mascara. One of my favourite is the Magnum (the one with yellow bottle)

The Packaging~
As usual, the packaging is a fat tube with glossy purple color. Almost all Maybelline mascara (that distributed in Indonesia) have fat packaging like this but with different color. Though I don't really dislike it, sometimes I found it's kinda need more space inside my make up pouch because of its fat packaging. It has a curved wand and it really helps to make my lashes looks longer. But, because the wand is quite fat, it's hard to reach my inner lashes.

The formula~
This is a waterproof mascara and it is smudgeproof. It also doesn't clump even when I use several layers (just make sure you wait for few second before apply the next layer. I learn this from some beauty show on youtube.) The result is quite good for me, it really helps to make my lashes more visible and looks length. But for the effect like using false eyelashes, I don't think it works for me. So, overall this is just an "okay" mascara for me. Suitable for daily use and the result is quite good.

Here are my before-after picture.

What do you think about this mascara? Maybelline already have a new varian called The Rocket Mascara. I also want to try that mascara but maybe later when I've already finished this one.


  1. Glad this one works out for you cos I didn't like it.
    As for The Rocket?? Don't bother!! It's a total waste of money!! (TAT)
    The formula is sticky (makes my lashes sticky too) and it's not waterproof.

    1. Really? I thought I read quite many good reviews about it.. hmmm will think twice before purchase the rocket one.. thank you sekar~

  2. Aku punya ini tapi buatku juasnya kegedean, aku lebih suka yg botolnya motif macan, apa ya namanya?. Lebih awet n sikatnya keciiiil bgt. Pas buat bulmat yg cuma basa basi. Like your blog btw ^^

    1. Ohh ada yang motif macan kah? aku malah nggak tahu hehehe.. thank you udah mampir ^^

  3. i have this mascara and really like it!

    from helen at

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