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Review: Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Cream

Hi all~ today I will write a review about a BB/CC cream from Missha. I can't decide the category for this cream because the name on the packaging stated Complexion Coordinating BB Cream. But the seller put this into CC cream category, so I will call this CC cream. Got this via online shop (Qoo10 - The promotion is already over so maybe the price is different now) for only IDR 99K *very cheap isn't it?* recently I saw this product on the Missha counter at departement store and the price is super expensive (I think it's around IDR 500K). Like always I don't really recommend to shop korean product on the counter because mostly all of them are overprice.

The packaging~ The CC Cream stored in a huge jar packaging with black colour. There is a beautiful flower ornament on the cap of the packaging. To use it, twist to the right the packaging and the product will come out. If you think you twist too many and the products come out too much, you can twist back the packaging and…

Go Girl!

One of my favourite magazine, Go Girl! celebrated their anniversary last month, so they released special edition. The price is quite expensive but they give many freebies. One of them is a cute owl sweater. I got mine in grey color~ *they also have pink color for this sweater, actually I want the pink one, but can't found it in my near local book store*. Today I will show some FOTD and OOTD with this owlie~

Whenever I see this sweater, I always feel warm. That's why for my FOTD this time I use warm color (brown and gold). here are my EOTD~

And some FOTD! What should I do with my chubby cheek hikz. I'm getting more and more insecure these days because of my fatty face. sigh. I think I need to start my diet soon.

Need to include this picture eventhough my cheek and nose look so big *hikz* because I really love my eyes here~

Pairing my owl sweater with black skirt! Love this combination so much.
Lastly~~~ I was featured on Go! Girl magazine too~ *only a small corner but I&#…

Review: Etude House Oh My Eyeline ~ Black

Hello girls, today I will talk about eyeliner. For eyeliner, my favourite is always the liquid type. I've already tried gel and pencil type but in the end I always come back to liquid. Though many people said gel and pencil are more easy to use than liquid type, I feel more comfortable to use liquid eyeliner. This time I will share with you my current favourite eyeliner from Etude House. This eyeliner is already popular among the girls because the price is quite cheap.

Packaging: Stored in a small bottle and also comes with brush applicator. I super like the brush because it is soft and easy to use. I can draw a thin line with this brush perfectly. The bottle is quite small but it contains a lot of product. My shade is black so the bottle is also black color with the product name on its packaging.
Swatch: The color is very black. You need to wait few minutes after it completely dry. This eyeliner is waterproof so no need to worry to wear this under the rain wkwkwkwk. Just don'…

Meet my Soul Matte(s)!

Being a person with oily skin always made me curious about everything that claims work good for oily skin. Recently I found a perfect combination to make my face stay matte for hours! Now let me introducing you to my soul MATTEs! Palladio Rice Powder

Packaging: The packaging is a little square container. The quality of the container is also so-so. One thing that I dislike the most is the drawing on top of the packaging. I owned quite many Asian products that have cute and girly packaging, so somehow this product looks ugly for me. It also comes with a puff. Overall the packaging looks cheap for me.'
Price: IDR 65.000

Texture, Shade, and My Opinion: I choose Natural for this loose powder and turns out it matches my skin tone well. Not too dark but also not too light. The powder is soft and spreads out easily. The coverage is light, usually I will top it again with pressed powder. The price is cheap so does the packaging but the result is really good!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed…

Review: Canmake Shading Powder, Cheek Gradation and Gradation Wink

Hello girls, how are you doing? I'm a little bored with my works now, so I decide to make another review post hehehehe. I hope you're not bored with review. I'll try to mixed my blog's content with tips and trick and FOTD post. Later I also want to make more tutorial posts so there are some variations on my blog. Today I will share about Japan Cosmetic.

The brand that I will talk about today is Canmake. I'm sure you already aware about this brand because it's very popular. Canmake is a Japan drugstore brand and it has a good quality. I owned 3 Canmake products: Canmake Shading Powder, Canmake Gradation Wink, Canmake Gradation Blush. Canmake Shading Powder
I bought this when the last time I visited Hongkong. Actually I only want to bought the blush but then I saw this shading powder alone beside the blush (this is the last stock), so I decided to grab it too along with my blush. My color is a soft light brown and because I have a fair skin, I think this color s…