Monday, March 24, 2014

Go Girl!

One of my favourite magazine, Go Girl! celebrated their anniversary last month, so they released special edition. The price is quite expensive but they give many freebies. One of them is a cute owl sweater. I got mine in grey color~ *they also have pink color for this sweater, actually I want the pink one, but can't found it in my near local book store*. Today I will show some FOTD and OOTD with this owlie~

Whenever I see this sweater, I always feel warm. That's why for my FOTD this time I use warm color (brown and gold). here are my EOTD~

And some FOTD! What should I do with my chubby cheek hikz. I'm getting more and more insecure these days because of my fatty face. sigh. I think I need to start my diet soon.

Need to include this picture eventhough my cheek and nose look so big *hikz* because I really love my eyes here~

Pairing my owl sweater with black skirt! Love this combination so much.

Lastly~~~ I was featured on Go! Girl magazine too~ *only a small corner but I'm very excited about it*

Talk to you again soon~


  1. my fave magazine too! ^^
    cakeepp sha EOTD nya.. hihi
    huaaa masuk gogirl! congratss yaa :D

  2. wihh hebat sha bs masuk gogirl hihi..
    ga chubby lah ky gt >.<

  3. waaaa, congrats sha masuk gogirl :) segitu ga chubby lah sha, manis kok ^_~

    1. cuma small corner kok ce hahahaha *makassiiih*

  4. jiejie cantik banget duehh!!
    FOTD + OOTD nya daebak !!

  5. waaa... congratz!!!!
    btw ga keliatan chubby kok.. =)

    1. makasih~ hahaha sudah berusaha cari foto yg less chubby >_< kalau lihat aslinya pipi semua ini huhuhu

  6. congrattsss cc >3< hihi
    nice EOTD ^^

  7. gogirl edisi anniversary kali ini emang mahal tp worth it dapet sweater :D love your Eye makeup.

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