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Review: Etude House Styling Eyeliner [Sponsored]

I'm quite a picky person when it comes to an eyeliner. Up until now there aren't many pencil eyeliner that make me happy. When the last time I talked to my sponsor, Bell's Etude House, the owner Yessy said that Etude House Styling Eyeliner is one of their best seller for an eyeliner pencil. I saw this product a long time ago on Qoo10 but not interested to buy because it is pencil type. But, when I heard it is one of the best seller from my sponsor, I'm quite curious to try. Who knows I will found a new love. hehehehe.

Packaging: An automatic pencil eyeliner. You only need to twist the pencil to make the product come out. 

Swatch: Surprisingly the color of this eyeliner is very black. Usually pencil eyeliner doesn't really provide black color on my eyes but this one is different. I really love the tip of the pencil, it is easy to use and glide on my eyes very well.
Unfortunately this eyeliner isn't waterproof and it also smudge easily huhuhu. If you have double…

Review: Etude House Easy and Quick Pen Liner [Sponsored]

Hello girls, today I will talk about my latest pen eyeliner from Etude House. I got this from my sponsor, Bell's Etude House (Thanks yessy!). The last time I talked about eyeliner, it also comes from Etude House brand but the liquid type. This time I bring you the new Etude House Easy and Quick Pen Liner. Yay~

Packaging: I quickly fell in love with the cute gray dots on the packaging. The main color of the pen is white and the gray dots and also the pink "etude house" words make it perfect! Rather than similar to pen, I think this product's packaging is more similar with pen marker. Another poin why I say this is similar to pen marker is the tip. Usually pen type eyeliner will has a thin tip but this one is different. It has a fat tip (the thickness is around 2.0 mm) and very easy to use.

Swatch: Like I've said above, the tip of this eyeliner is very fat so you only need to draw 1 time to get a nice black line on your eyes. If you love to use thick eyeliner *lik…

Short tour: Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Tunjungan Plaza

Hello girls~ Today I want to share short stories about my latest experience explored one of the famous Beauty Aesthetic Clinic in Surabaya. If you lived in Surabaya you maybe already heard about beauty clinic called Miracle. The brand is quite well-known, even me already heard many times about it. One of my best friend also a loyal customer there.
When it comes to beauty clinic, I must admit that I have zero experience about it. I never had any special treatment at beauty clinic or use the cream from beauty clinic. I do have a facial treatment (the most common treatment to remove blackheads, acne, etc) but it is already a long time ago and only do it once a while. Why? My main reason at that time, is mostly because I'm too afraid to try the treatments and also I'm afraid the doctors will push me to buy the whole set products, or try all the treatments which will costed me a lot of money lol.
Recently I met with Jennie, she is a corporate marketing from Miracle Clinic Surabay…

Things to use before I go to sleep~

Hello girls~ Recently I stumbled upon a beauty community called HSN (thanks to Jackie, who informed me about this), one of the post is written by Carly and she wrote about "4 overnight products you should be using". Inspired by Carly's post, now I want to share some beauty products that I use during night time.
These are 5 products that I used before I go to sleep:

Hadalabo Ultimate Moisturizing Light lotion I've been suffered with skin rashes due to allergic last month. That's why I decide to leave my TBS Tea Tree toner for awhile and change it to this toner. After stick with it for 1 month, I realize my skin become supple and very soft~ yay! decided to keep this in my beauty routine for now.
The Skin Food Tomato Whitening Spot Serum First love never die, right? The Skinfood Tomato series is the first korean brand I've ever tried and I love it until now. It works good to reduce the acne scars and it smells so good. 
Missha Super Aqua Relief Eye Cream My curre…

Say Hello to Lulla!

Hi all~ Beberapa waktu yang lalu aku sempat membuat postingan tentang salah satu aksesories yang sedang heboh di kalangan beauty blogger yang disebut Hairties. Buat yang sudah lupa, mari diklik sebentar di sini. Salah satu trusted seller hairties yang sedang booming ini adalah Lulla. Mungkin banyak yang bingung, kenapa postinganku yang pertama dari Mon Claire, tetapi sekarang aku bahasnya Lulla hehehe.

Jadi begini, Mon Claire yang dulu berjualan claire bands sudah resmi berganti nama menjadi Lulla dan mereka masih tetap menjual hairties seperti sebelumnya tetapi dengan banyak model dan pattern baru. yay~ Lulla berbaik hati untuk mengirimkan aku hairties baru untuk digunakan *another yay!* Aku memilih model navy dottie untuk hairtiesku kali ini. Warna dasarnya biru navy dengan hiasan polkadot warna emas di seluruh pitanya. Perfect combi!

Mungkin dari kalian banyak yang bertanya-tanya apa specialnya hairties ini? Nah kali ini aku mau sharing sedikit review mengenai hairties ini. 
Apa si…

Review: Etude House Tint My Brow [Sponsored]

I must admit that sometimes I neglect my eyebrow even though I use full make up on my face. Yes, that is horrible *now that I think about it*. The reason why I always forget to draw my eyebrow is because I already have thick eyebrow and I think that's enough. Another reason is because I can't shaped my eyebrow well and usually the result will make me looks like sinchan hahahaha. But nowadays I put special attention on my eyebrow because I finally realize that eyebrow is the important frame for a beautiful eye and all the make up. I'm still learning how to draw my eyebrows nicely hehehe~
I usually draw my eyebrows with eyebrow pencil and also eyebrow powder. But recently, my sponsor Bell's Etude House sent me a new product to try. It is called Etude House Tint My Brow. I'm very excited to try this product because of the name. Tinted product for an eyebrow? this is really new for me~

Packaging: Very similar like a pen eyeliner packaging. Pen type with a tip. This pr…

Review: Bourjois Blush ~ Rose de Jaspe

My greetings kinda different today, right? Well, I want to talk about Bourjois cosmetic today that's why I use "Bonjour" as my greetings *similar sounds, isn't it?* So, I owned one of their famous Little Round Pot blush in Rose de Jaspe. I'm pretty sure many of you already knew about this brand because it is quite famous. You can easily found this brand in local departement store. In Surabaya, you can get this brand at Sogo or Matahari *If I'm not wrong they already have a counter inside Matahari*
The packaging~

This blush comes with a cute little pot with soft red color. It has small magnets on the cover and the bottom packaging so it will shut tightly even you only close it lightly. The blush also comes with a small mirror and brush. The bristles are quite soft and the shape is quite unique.

Rose Blush~

My shade is Rose de Jaspe. I swatched some of the shades before I decided to bought this one. Rose De Jaspe is the most popular shade …