Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Bourjois Blush ~ Rose de Jaspe

My greetings kinda different today, right? Well, I want to talk about Bourjois cosmetic today that's why I use "Bonjour" as my greetings *similar sounds, isn't it?* So, I owned one of their famous Little Round Pot blush in Rose de Jaspe. I'm pretty sure many of you already knew about this brand because it is quite famous. You can easily found this brand in local departement store. In Surabaya, you can get this brand at Sogo or Matahari *If I'm not wrong they already have a counter inside Matahari dept.store*

The packaging~

This blush comes with a cute little pot with soft red color. It has small magnets on the cover and the bottom packaging so it will shut tightly even you only close it lightly. The blush also comes with a small mirror and brush. The bristles are quite soft and the shape is quite unique.

Rose Blush~

My shade is Rose de Jaspe. I swatched some of the shades before I decided to bought this one. Rose De Jaspe is the most popular shade from this blush (according to the SPG at that time). It is a nice soft pink/red color with subtle shimmers. It is very wearable for day and night~

When I apply it on my skin, the color shows a warm red color and almost can't captured it with my camera. The color is buildable and the shimmer is acceptable. I love to use this for my daily make up because it can make my cheek glowing in instant but the color is not too much. Also it smells like the real rose! I love the scent so much :)

Price? Around IDR 130.000. The amount maybe looks little but it does stay forever. I already owned this for months and use it quite often but whenever I see it, it always stay the same amount like the first time I bought it.

Tiny packaging with magnetic lock, nice shimmer pink color, nice brush also comes with mirror. I guess I can't say no to this cute little blush.


  1. warnanya cakep ci ^_^ jd pengen coba hehe
    thanks reviewnya~

  2. aku bingung kl pengen nyoba, shadenya banyak banget. tapi di counter uda naik lo sekarang. skitar 150an kl ga salah

    1. bener banget jes..bingung milihnya pas di counter hehehe..akirnya milih yang best sellernya rose de jaspe itu.. wah udah naik ya? memang aku belinya taun lalu sih ahhaha

  3. Warnanya cantik. Tapi aku pribadi kurang suka blush ada shimmernya.

    1. hehehehe aku suka sih kalau shimmernya ga yg berlebihan ^^

  4. warna nya bagus, pink kalem gitu :3

  5. cakeeep natural banget jadinya. duh udah lama mau beli blush bourjois soalnya lucu bulet2 kecil kayak mainan tapi maju mundur gara2 banyak yg bilang kalo kelamaan ga dipake atasnya jadi keras :(


    1. oh ya? *baru dengar malahan* nggak bener ah kalau keras, aku juga ga tiap hari pakai tapi ga ada masalah kayak gitu kok hehehe.. packagingnya memang imut2 kecil gitu, kalau pas liat di counter banyak keliatan kayak macaron ^^

  6. warnanya cantik ya..
    wangi mawar ?
    mmm jadi pengen..



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