Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: Etude House Easy and Quick Pen Liner [Sponsored]

Hello girls, today I will talk about my latest pen eyeliner from Etude House. I got this from my sponsor, Bell's Etude House (Thanks yessy!). The last time I talked about eyeliner, it also comes from Etude House brand but the liquid type. This time I bring you the new Etude House Easy and Quick Pen Liner. Yay~

I quickly fell in love with the cute gray dots on the packaging. The main color of the pen is white and the gray dots and also the pink "etude house" words make it perfect! Rather than similar to pen, I think this product's packaging is more similar with pen marker. Another poin why I say this is similar to pen marker is the tip. Usually pen type eyeliner will has a thin tip but this one is different. It has a fat tip (the thickness is around 2.0 mm) and very easy to use.

Like I've said above, the tip of this eyeliner is very fat so you only need to draw 1 time to get a nice black line on your eyes. If you love to use thick eyeliner *like meeee* you will love this pen *like meee* hehehehe. The color is very black and it dry fast. The formula is waterproof.

Etude House has a nice slogan for this product~ and here are my personal opinion about their slogan:

  • Easy: It is easy to use because the packaging is pen type. I must admit, eventhough I don't have any problem with liquid eyeliner in bottle packaging and brush applicator, Pen type is always win my heart for the easiest application
  • Quick: I read the information on Etude's website and they describe "Quick" here because this eyeliner is quite thick and you only need to draw once to get a perfect line. And Yes! I also agree with this.
  • Waterproof: Yes~It doesn't smudge even when I rub it while it's still wet!
  • Safety: It doesn't contains formula that will make our eyes dry. Well, I don't have any problem after I use this eyeliner for a while, It also doesn't make my eyes dry/sore or something else. But I also never have problem with other eyeliner, since I don't have sensitive skin. So for me I will say yes for this poin.

 The price for this wonderful eyeline is IDR 106.000 and you can visit my lovely sponsor Bell's Etude House if you want to buy this product. Mention "MISSBELANJA" and you will get 5% disc for ready stock items.
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposed. I'm not being paid for doing this review and all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience.


  1. wah jadi tertarik buat nyobain juga... packaging nya lucu.... <3

  2. Wow, warnan itemnya bold banget ya.
    Kalo lihat pensilnya jadi minder sendiri kayaknya susah pakenya karena ujungnya kurang lancip haha

    Nice review Sha ^_^

    1. pertama aku lihat ujungnya juga sempet bingung tapi pas udah nyoba pakai jadi biasa hehehe.. enak malah sekali gambar langsung tebal + hitam

  3. wahhh menarik kyny sha, jd pengen nyoba :D
    btw aku suka header barunya, lucuuuu...:3

    1. Iya rin iseng2 kemarin ganti jadi nuansa easter hahaha :D

  4. Haiii...
    Perdana kesini. Dan baru saja memfollowmu... salam kenal yah..

    Wahh, menarik sekali yah. Tapi susah nggakya dipakainya....
    Soalnya nggak lancip gitu pen nya... hihihihi...

    Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


  5. jarang liat review produk etude house yang ini. itemnya bagus ya.

  6. ngebold banget warna hitamnya bagus, tapi ujungnya ga lancip gitu ya -.-


  7. ini review pertama ttg easy and quick pen yg kubaca ce XD
    thanks for sharinggg.. tertarik sih tapi ujungnya tumpul ce >.< jd ga bs bikin wing eyeliner nanti..
    apalagi space lipatan mataku kecil, bakalan susah ya kayaknya '__'

    Join my makeup challenge to Win 1jt MAP Voucher ^_^

  8. i love it! great review!! Adding this to my wishlist!

  9. Thank you for sharing about this pen eyeliner from Etude House. I might just buy it to try. I agree that pen type is really a lot easier to use as opposed to the think ones coz the thin ones require quite some time of redrawing the lines. This might just be the product for many of us!

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