Friday, April 4, 2014

Review: Etude House Tint My Brow [Sponsored]

I must admit that sometimes I neglect my eyebrow even though I use full make up on my face. Yes, that is horrible *now that I think about it*. The reason why I always forget to draw my eyebrow is because I already have thick eyebrow and I think that's enough. Another reason is because I can't shaped my eyebrow well and usually the result will make me looks like sinchan hahahaha. But nowadays I put special attention on my eyebrow because I finally realize that eyebrow is the important frame for a beautiful eye and all the make up. I'm still learning how to draw my eyebrows nicely hehehe~

I usually draw my eyebrows with eyebrow pencil and also eyebrow powder. But recently, my sponsor Bell's Etude House sent me a new product to try. It is called Etude House Tint My Brow. I'm very excited to try this product because of the name. Tinted product for an eyebrow? this is really new for me~

Very similar like a pen eyeliner packaging. Pen type with a tip. This product has a very thin and soft tip. Easy to use and the color is very similar with the color on its packaging.

There are 2 shades for this eyebrow tint. Bell's Etude House sent me the number 1 (Gray Brown) color which is very suitable for me because I have dark hair color. If you have light hair color you maybe want to try the number 2 (Light Brown).

The color is very soft and natural. Here are my before-after picture:

Unfortunately this tint isn't waterproof :(

I personally love the idea of tint product for eyebrow. Sometimes when I draw my eyebrow with eyebrow pencil, I ended drew too thick but this tint provide a natural color. So I don't need to worry about having the "sinchan eyebrow" hehehehe. This pen also very easy to use. The thin tip makes it easier for me to draw a line before fill in my eyebrow.

If you interested to buy this product, Bell's Etude House sell this for IDR 63.000. Mention "MISSBELANJA" to get 5% disc for ready stock items. Visit my sponsor:

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposed. I'm not being paid for doing this review. All my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience.


  1. Uhuiii cantikkk ♥♥ ^_^
    Packagingnya sama kayak maskara eyebrownya ya :)

  2. Mkasi luci ^^
    Iya warnanya mirip banget hehehe

  3. Hi babe!!!! That tint looks so naturallll i'm always on the lookout for super natural tints, i've tried the etude house draw my brow pencil before and it was amazing so i may give this one a try!! I've just followed you on GFC, would love it if you could follow me back!!! And I have the World's Easiest Etude House Giveaway right now on my blog, please feel free to check it out when you have time!!!! <3 <3 <3

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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