Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Things to use before I go to sleep~

Hello girls~ Recently I stumbled upon a beauty community called HSN (thanks to Jackie, who informed me about this), one of the post is written by Carly and she wrote about "4 overnight products you should be using". Inspired by Carly's post, now I want to share some beauty products that I use during night time.

These are 5 products that I used before I go to sleep:

  • Hadalabo Ultimate Moisturizing Light lotion
I've been suffered with skin rashes due to allergic last month. That's why I decide to leave my TBS Tea Tree toner for awhile and change it to this toner. After stick with it for 1 month, I realize my skin become supple and very soft~ yay! decided to keep this in my beauty routine for now.

  • The Skin Food Tomato Whitening Spot Serum
First love never die, right? The Skinfood Tomato series is the first korean brand I've ever tried and I love it until now. It works good to reduce the acne scars and it smells so good. 

  • Missha Super Aqua Relief Eye Cream
My current favourite eye cream, because it is lightweight, not sticky and smells good. It really help to relieve my tired eyes.

  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Cream
This is also really help to reduce acne scars. The best combination for acne scars for me is the tomato serum and this tea tree night cream.

  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
Use this when I have acnes. It's quite good to flatten the big red acnes on my face.

      Another tips from me for night time:
  • Never sleep without clean your face first (It's a big NO)
  • Remember to change the pillow cover once a week
  • Don't sleep with your dirty hair (better wash it first before you sleep)
  • Sleep at least 8 hours at night

Good Night and Sleep well beauties~


  1. You have great skin dear! I should try tea tree oil..


  2. wah ini dia susah bs tidur min 8 jam ce >.< aku slalu tidur larut soalnya
    thanks for sharing ce ^^

    1. hahahaha kalau uda kebiasaan tidur malam memang susah shel kalau mau tidur awal ^^

  3. kamu cocok ya sha pake tomato whitening spot, di aku ga mempan malah bikin jerawatan..hiks
    aku juga pengennya tidur 8 jam tp susah wkwk

    1. oh ya? wah sayang banget ya wie, di aku ngefek banget buat ngilangin bekas jerawat ^^

  4. tbs lovers banget kamu sha.. esp the tea tree series yaa..
    aku dulu pake vit e series, lama2 bosen bgt ama baunya. hahah..
    buat acne cobain pink powdernya ciracle, mempan banget dlm semalem bs lbh kempis


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