Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Leaders Insolution Tea Tree Relaxing Mask

Hello girls~ sorry for have been MIA for the past 2 weeks. I'm quite busy because my big sis is finally come home (but she need to go again to Bali for her work) and BF is having his europe trip with his family (he makes me draw many maps because they don't take any tour there), so I don't really have time for my blog huhuhu. But, hey~ now I'm back! Recently I tried to use new mask sheet from Leader's insolution. For those who are curious, this brand also comes from Korea.  The price is quite expensive compared with mask sheet from another brand but I think it is worth to try. Few weeks ago, Luxola (the only only shop that sells this brand) are having a great deal for this brand (30% off!!) and I managed to grab some mask sheet (thanks to oline for helping me). I have 3 varians for this mask sheet, but today I will review my favourite one~ it is Leaders insolution Tea Tree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask

*Bought a new flower table cloth for my background picture, you'll see a lot of flowers in near future ha5*
** Somehow the background's colour is really matching with the mask sheet packaging**

About the product:
  • Soothes sensitive skin by sebum comfortably.
  • Restores balance of damaged skin to be eased.
  • Organic certified spout protects refreshing skin.
  • 4 Non-added additives (Non-paraben, non-mineral oil, non-silicon, and non-artificial colors), dermatologist-tested. 
Price: IDR 34.800

*Tea Tree injection*

*also comes from Korea!*

*Suitable for these problems~*

I'm seriously adore korean cosmetic's packaging. This mask sheet comes with different color depends on its varian. The tea tree relaxing mask has green color. It also has a cute injection needle on top right of the packaging. The name on the injection is tea tree~ so cute! it's like I'm getting a tea tree injection on my skin.

Mask Sheet:
The mask is very thin and contains a lot of essence. When I said a lot, trust me it is really really a lot. The tea tree smells is acceptable, for me I can even say that I don't smell anything because I've already used to smell strong tea tree scent from my skin care hahaha. The size is just perfect! after MBD mask, this one is my favourite in term of the size. See my picture while wearing this mask sheet~

*It is very thin almost like my second skin~*

Usually after I remove my mask sheet, the essences are still left and make my skin a little bit sticky. Sometimes I also need to rinse my face with water to remove the stickiness. But, this mask really makes me goes awwww.. it doesn't feel sticky at all on my face despite the essences are really a lot. It also makes my skin become soft and supple~ yay!

Though the price isn't really my favourite, this mask sheet already won a place in my heart. Maybe I will stock more when Luxola has a nice offer again hehehe~ 

Talk to you again soon~ I'm waiting a good news from my friend, I hope It will comes really soon so I can share it with you too~ <3 can't wait!


  1. Hargae lumayan mahal yaa ce >.<
    blm pernah cobain leaders insolution, jd penasaran jg

    1. Mahal banget menurutku shel, kalau beli merk2 lain mungkin bisa dapet 2 ya hehehe cuma memang qualitynya bagus menurutku :)

    2. Setuju... Memang bagus dan enak banget >_<

  2. wiih jd penasaran pengen nyoba jg ce, tp harganya lumayan mahal yaa o_O

    1. kalau beli nunggu diskonan di luxola la~ hehehe

  3. Baru tau brand korea ini
    Harganya mahal juga ya untuk mask sheet.

    Tapi worth it ya?


    1. Hi fransisca~ menurutku sih lumayan worthed, aku suka sama after effectnya :)

  4. Hi! Do u sell this mask in Korea? If so, please put down the address? Thanks. Patricia Wong


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