Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award

I got some awards from my fellow blogger friends. Thanks to Ce Mindy and Ce Winda for nominated me for this award. It's been a while since the last time I got an award :)

So, here are the rules:
1. Post a picture of the Sunshine Award
2. Post 11 facts about yourself
3. Answer 11 questions (same as the blogger who nominated you)
4. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
5. Nominated 11 bloggers too (no tag back)
6. Let the bloggers know about your post

11 random facts about me~ I've already made many post about 11 facts till I don't know what should I write now hahaha. Okay, let's start:

1. I love being alone in my room with tons of DVDs, my smartphone and internet connections. Oh yes, I can spend the whole day inside my room to watch my favourite K-drama, browse some interesting video from youtube, or read my favourite manga from mangafox.

2. I'm more into western food than Indonesian food. In fact, I dislike almost all Indonesian food. I can eat the food but sure it isn't my first choice if I have another foods.

3. I'm addicted to flare skirts! I'm seriously need to stop buying this cute skirt, but I just can't~ I've already had 6 skirts with different patterns~

4. I can't sleep more than 10 hours or I will get dizzy when I wake up.

5. Chocolate is my favourite flavour ever.

6. I collect snow globe (some people called it snow dome). Already have quite many but still want to have more~ I need to travel more! *self excuse for a new holiday*

7. I have a very very good memory when it comes to memorize a song lyrics.

8. I don't drink coffee or tea.

9. I have an elder sister.

10. Addicted to french fries.

11. I'm dog lover :)

Now I will answer the questions from Ce Mindy: [Set A]

1. What do you prefer to do on Christmas, open gifts or give gifts? Open, of course!
2. Party invitation, do you prefer to wear a dress or pants? Dress
3. What designer would you like to model for? errr...DKNY? well, I don't really into the designer brands.
4. A model you wish you were? don't have any
5. When you go on a date, do you prefer movies or bowling? Both :)
6. Which will you have to like, a mountain or the beach? Beach! actually I prefer malls hahaha
7. Favorite lip balm? Etude House missing you series
8. Restaurant or home made food? Both
9. Eggnog or Champagne? Champagne!
10. From all the blogger followers, who would you want to meet? Ce Phanie from Diary of Products junkie

Questions from Ce Winda: [Set B]
1. What's your daily makeup products? BB Cream, concealer, powder, blush, eyeliner, and lipstick
2. Cats or Dogs? Dogs!
3. What is your weakness? I tend to think to much about things that still haven't happen
4. Country or city to live your dream? Seoul or Japan
5. You're addicted to? Right now, it's line camera hahaha. I love to decorate my picts with cute stickers
6. What us your must-have beauty product? Concealer and eyeliner
7. Have you laughed today? Because of what? Yes, because of funny video from Facebook
8. What is your dream when you was a child? Doctor *lol*
9. Lost Love or Money? Lost money
10. When you're not feeling good, what do you usually do to cheer you up? Watching DVD
11. Prefer family or career? Family.

Fiuh~ that's quite a lot of questions. Now I tag these fellow Bloggers to do this awards:
Lala, Yennyca, Xiao Vee, Caroline, Yessy, Glory, Rini, Via, Katherine, Yozellyn, Stephanie

Feel free to pick the questions (Set A or Set B) or if you want to do both set~ ^^

Talk to you soon~  


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