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Review: Citra Korean Pink Orchid Series [Sponsored]

Hello ladies~ kali ini aku postingnya dengan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia ya, karena produk yang akan direview merupakan produk lokal yang menurutku sudah sangat populer di Indonesia. Siapa sih yang tidak kenal dengan salah satu produk kecantikan merk Citra? Citra merupakan salah satu brand lokal yang cukup terkenal terutama di lini produk body lotion dan lulur. Dulu waktu masih kuliah, aku malah pernah main-main ke rumah cantik Citra yang di Surabaya. Seru banget bisa spa dan massage dengan produk Citra.
Nah, beberapa waktu lalu aku mendapat kiriman dari Citra yang isinya rangkaian Citra Light Touch dan juga Citra Korean Pink Orchid series *yay~ thank you Citra*. Di post kali ini aku akan membahas mengenai rangkaian skincare dari Citra Korean Pink Orchid.

Pink Orchid merupakan rahasia kecantikan turun-temurun para wanita Korea. Pink orchid bermanfaat sebagai penghambat pembentukan melanin sehingga memberikan efek mencerahkan di kulit. Selain itu pink orchid juga kaya mineral yang se…

FOTD: Victoria's Secret

Hello ladies~ Today I want to share some FOTD with my palette from Victoria's Secret. I bought this palette last year when VS had a very big discount. I don't really remember the price but I think it is around IDR 250.000 for this big and complete palette. Such a great deal, right?

Now I will talk about the Palette first. I really love the design especially the "ribbon" button that used to open the palette. The main color is black and it makes the palette looks expensive. This palette comes with 2 level~ the first level contains eyeshadows and lipsticks. I will not swatch every colour because it is too many for me *sorry*. I only use few colour from this palette so far and now I will swatch the color that I used for this FOTD. The bottom level contains face powder, blush on, brushes, eyeliner, and mascara. I used the darkest color to contour my face.

Like usual, I love to play safe with warm colour like brown and beige for my eyeshadows. Red coral for my blush and c…

Summer in Seoul 2014: The Amateur Guide

Hello~ here come the part 3 of my travel diary in Seoul. 
Now I will share my quick itinerary (and also the directions) with you. So, I used Subway / Metro / MRT a lot during my trip. I think it's the most cheap and quick transportation in Seoul *plus it is very easy to understand*. 
The first thing you need to prepare before boarding to Seoul is the Subway Map. If you're a traditional person who like to bring paper everywhere, try to print this map.

This is the full map of Seoul subway. It maybe looks crowded with so many colourful line, but once you read it, it isn't that hard to understand the line.
And if you think bring a huge map is not your style and you have an android phone, try to install this program on your phone. This program is really helpful during my trip. It can show you the direction between stations, like where you need to transfer and how much stations you need to visit to get on your final destination. It also shows you the cost and the time of arriva…

Summer in Seoul 2014: Part 2

Hello~ welcome to the part 2 of my Summer trip in Seoul. Actually I want to make 1 post for my entire trip but I think it will become a long long long post that will make you all tired. Even the part 1 is already so long even I only posted until day 4 hahahaha. Now let's continue the story~
It's Saturday~ we planned to go to Petite France and Nami Island. Since Nami is quite far away, we need to travel about 20 station to reach the nearest subway station to Nami, and then took another shuttle bus and transfer to ferry boat to Nami. wew.. sounds so far far away? well, it's indeed far, especially if you need to stand and travel over 40 stations *sigh*

some selca while waiting for the bus~ the view behind me is really beautiful eventhough the current weather is cloudy

Hello Petite France~ this place is famous because Running man once shoot here and also the latest k-drama "You who came from the star" also shoot here. 
Snack time~ 
The weather is really hot…