Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

Hello girls~ My favourite skincare brand, The Body Shop recently added a new product on their tea tree series. For those who aren't aware, I'm very obsessed with the Tea Tree series from TBS. I've tried all their products (except the tea tree scrub because I can't stand scrub product for my face) and completely in love with them. I've been waiting forever for TBS to launch their BB Cream from troubled skin and finally the wait is over~

Comes with plastic tube packaging, this BB Cream also green and similar with others tea tree products from TBS.

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Shades and Swatch:: there are 3 shades for this BB Cream. #1 is the lightest one, #2 is medium color, and #3 suited for tanned people. For me I choose number #1 because it suits my skintone the best. I'm really happy because TBS comes with some shades to choose. Usually they only launched 1 shade for BB Cream.

Price / Amount: IDR 159.000 / 40 ml ~ But I bought this when TBS had a mid year sale, so I got 50% discount for this baby~ yay!

Short story about the discount: I've read about that news from their instagram and also saw the ads on newspaper. It said the discount is only for the first 100 customers and you need to buy 3 items including the big bottle to get 50% disc. When I reach the store at 6.30 pm, the store still full with many customers, so I thought I wouldn't able to buy with disc price. But, when I asked the SPG about  the event, she quickly give me a number and said I'm the last customer that can get 50% disc yay!

The texture of this BB Cream is like lotion and quite runny. Must be careful when you open the cap. The scent, of course like the name~ tea tree. For those who can't stand the tea tree smell, no need to worry because the smell isn't long lasting. The smells is quite strong at first but after blends it well, it doesn't smell at all~ The finish result after apply this BB cream is matte. For the coverage, I must say this BB Cream doesn't really provides much coverage. I need to apply concealer again (btw, TBS tea tree concealer is also one of my favourite- and BF fave too, I made him used it the last time he got huge pimple on his nose ha5) to cover my acnes. But for light acne scars, it still can cover it well.

One thing that I want to say, this BB Cream doesn't has any sun protection [some people said that sunscreen can cause the acnes for skin, maybe that's why this BB Cream doesn't has any sun protection]. So, make sure to apply sunscreen before apply this BB Cream. Also, for oily skin people~ I have a great combination if you want a super matte finish. For me, first I use TBS Tea Tree pore minimiser, the apply this BB Cream and finish it with Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. It works perfect on my oily skin!

*please excuse my ugly rimmel compact powder*

The pore minimiser works well to cover my large pore, then the BB Cream works as base make up, and rimmel pressed powder is another topping for the finishing. Of course I still need to use my oil control film after some hours, but these combination helps to make my make up stays longer than usual.

Now that TBS already had concealer, primer and base make up for their tea tree lines, I wonder what's next? I hope they will have pressed powder / loose powder.


  1. Wih cc loyal banget yaa sama TBS tea tree ini ^^
    Packagingnya tea tree bb cream ini mirip2 ya sama punya etude yg ac clinic :D warnanya jg ijo2 gt

  2. aku rada kecewa sama tea tree bb cream ini, mukaku jadi gampang banget berminyaaaak...aaaaa! padahal aki suka pake blemish fade night lotion dan facial wash nya.


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