Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer in Seoul 2014: Part 2

Hello~ welcome to the part 2 of my Summer trip in Seoul. Actually I want to make 1 post for my entire trip but I think it will become a long long long post that will make you all tired. Even the part 1 is already so long even I only posted until day 4 hahahaha. Now let's continue the story~

It's Saturday~ we planned to go to Petite France and Nami Island. Since Nami is quite far away, we need to travel about 20 station to reach the nearest subway station to Nami, and then took another shuttle bus and transfer to ferry boat to Nami. wew.. sounds so far far away? well, it's indeed far, especially if you need to stand and travel over 40 stations *sigh*

some selca while waiting for the bus~ the view behind me is really beautiful eventhough the current weather is cloudy

Hello Petite France~ this place is famous because Running man once shoot here and also the latest k-drama "You who came from the star" also shoot here. 

Snack time~ 

The weather is really hot at Petite France so we decide to go to Nami Island. It's start raining when we reach the Naminara Republic. *sigh* luckily the rain stop quickly.

With the famous winter sonata couple!

Before back to Seoul, we had our dinner at local restaurant. Eat..Eat..Eat..!

To end the day, we went to Dongdaemun and look who I met there! Oppaaaaa~~ lololol.

Went to Lotte Fittin and explore the YG hologram exhibition. Also took a picture with my favourite idol ever! I want to watch the concert also but it's too expensive huhuhu. Ah also got a huge GD n TOP poster for free here~ teheee! Move on to the street, Dongdaemun maybe famous for their fashion store, but trust me the price is the most expensive from another street. We ended only eat the street snacks and not buy anything.

The famous unique ice cream~ can't try it at Myeongdong because it's way too crowded so try it at Dongdaemun. It taste good! I love the ice cream texture and also the cone.

Veggie Hotteok. It's very similar with martabak but taste better!

Day 6~ we spent sunday at Apgujeong. Nothing much to see here because it's very quite and only few people hang around this area. Also walk around the Cheondamdong area. It sure a very luxury area. The stores here are all high end brand and the store itself is very big for each brand.

Having snack at caffe bene~ the oreo patbingsu is really daebakk.. but not really like the green tea ice cream and the waffle. I think the taste of the green tea is way too strong.

After chillin, we continue to COEX Mall and had dinner there. My friend insist to have a full set dinner with a lot of banchan so we ordered this Banhaneun Bapsang. I think the banchan is still incomplete but it's okay since the taste is delicious.

After that we went crazy again at Gangnam Shopping Underground lol. End of the shopping time, we back to hostel to rest, but one of my friend said that her Korean friend will visit us tonight. So we ended had another dinner in the middle of the night. lol

This food is on the top on my wishlist ~ Pajeon (with various additional things lol). Me love it~

Last day! Start the day with a heavy brunch because it's our last day in Seoul. So we want to try everything hahahaha. These are what we had for our brunch.

Kimchi Jiggae, Kalguksu, and Bibimbap.

and to make you more hungry~ *evil grin*

With full stomach we went to Ehwa University. This University is really amazing. It is big and very beautiful. My only question is, what happened if the student come late? well, in Surabaya (or to be specific in my university) we can simply run as fast as we can to reach the class. But, Here.... it's way too big hahahaha..
Next destination is the Famous Hello Kitty Cafe~ we back to Hongdae again but this time is day time. There are less live performance and mostly people here to shop.

Tadaaa~ Hello Kitty Cafe.

Inside the cafe~

Most people ordered hot coffee, but we ordered smoothies (and waffle, just because it has a hello kitty shape) because the weather outside is really hot. Turns out it is a wrong choice, as the air con inside the cafe is really cold. lol. Can't finished my mango smoothie because of that huhuhu.

And our last stop is~ Sindang Tteokpokki Town. If you want to eat Tteokpokki you must visit here (yes, you can get tteokpokki all over the street but this one is different because it inside the restaurant and the portion is bigger).

I present to you~ Tteokpokki! fresh from the stove~ lol.

Went to our hostel to rest because we had a morning flight the next morning :D

Fiuuh~ finally I managed to write a full story of my vacation. I hope you still read it until the last words. I'm really happy because one of my dream finally come true. South Korea is a very beautiful country and I hope I can go back there again~ *please somebody take me to Seoul agaaaiiinn*

PS: Another posts about Seoul coming soon~


  1. makanan2nya bkin ngileeeer~
    Post haul nya ci :p

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkk Tteokpokki >.<

  3. ce itu cone es krim nya kok uaneh bgt o_O ga repot kah makan e? hahaha
    ayoo ce ke korea lagi XD
    brp hr di sana ce? total abis brp? ^^

    1. Iya itu ice cream memang terkenal karena modelnya yang aneh shel~ yang melingkar2 itu cuma pajangan kok yang dijual cuma model seperti yang aku pegang, makannya di pecah2 jadi ga sepanjang itu hahaha.. 7 hari di seoulnya shel~ + 2 hari perjalanan, 9 hari jadinya.. budget menyusul di next post ^^

  4. Yeeeeay part 2!
    Ya ampun makanannya bikin ngiler semua >o<
    Sharing total budgetnya donk sis *penasaran*, sama pas disana tuh kalian pernah nyasar gak? Atau emang udah pada hafal jalannya sis?

    1. next post ya say.. dijawab lengkap dalam 1post hehehe ^^

  5. The hello kitty cafe is so cute!

  6. I wanna visit Korea too some day! The Petite France even appeared again on RM's latest episode :D


    1. ah yes~ I saw it on their latest preview hehehe ^^

  7. makanan bikin ngilerrrr><
    terus berdoa suatu hari bisa kesana><

  8. if you come to korea again maybe you can try go to coffee station 107 at ttukseom resort.
    the cafe is not big but so cute. ☺
    you can see the cafe in my blog.


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