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Review: Charee Lashes [Sponsored]

Hellooow~~~ I'm back with new review ladies~ This time I will talk about my latest false eyelashes from Charee Lashes. Charee Lashes is quite a new brand (from Singapore) but their products are 100% handmade and Charee only use Natural human hair and the best synthetic fiber making Charee lashes one of the most comfortable lashes to be. Also, the lashes are proudly made in Indonesia (yes, eventhough the brand is from Singapore, every lashes are made by lash master from Indonesia). Charee Lashes launched 10 different designs for their lashes, and currently only 4 designs that available in Indonesia. Now I will try to use the lashes and share my opinion with you~
Handwritten card for me :)

Packaging: The lashes packed in individual box including the glue. The lashes comes with outer box and  stored in plastic packaging. What I love the most is the plastic packaging also comes with cover. Usually false eyelashes only comes with a single plastic packaging without cover, but this one …

Summer in Seoul 2014: Beauty Haul

Hello ladies~ here come the long awaited haul post~ I bought a lot of stuff from Seoul from clothes, bags, cute things and of course cosmetics. But I will only share the beauty haul a.k.a cosmetics haul with you. Actually for cosmetics, I didn't bought a lot for myself, because most of my luggage space are full with the cosmetics order from my friends and also I'm quite confused to choose because there are a looooott of items in front of my eyes. So, yeah, here are what I bought from Seoul.
Face Mask Sheets~
I must admit that mask sheets are everywhere in Seoul. Even the famous stationary shop, Artbox and also Daiso sell mask sheet. Mask sheets also the one that always have big discounts everywhere. Most korean cosmetic stores will go with "10+10" or "5+5" promotion. while drugstore and another store like watsosn, olive and young, artbox, daiso, etc usually go with "1+1". No matter what promotion that they offered, mask sheets are definetely mus…

Review: Citra Light Touch White Japanese Wakame Series [Sponsored]

Hi all, sesuai janji di post sebelumnya, kali ini aku akan membahas mengenai rangkaian body lotion baru dari Citra yaitu Citra Light Touch. Rangkaian ini terdiri dari 2 product yaitu Citra Light Touch Japanese Wakame Gel Lotion dan Citra Light Touch Japanese Wakame Gel Serum

Body lotion identik dengan "lengket" saat digunakan. Jujur saja aku juga termasuk salah satu orang yang malas menggunakan body lotion karena sifatnya yang lengket. Oleh karena itu, kali ini Citra menggunakan bahan alami berupa Wakame, rumput laut Jepang yang dipercaya mengandung nutrisi pencerah kulit dengan tekstur ringan dan menyegarkan.

- Packaging berupa botol plastik warna putih. Tutupnya agak sedikit susah dibuka karena bentuknya yang unik. - Teksturnya gel bening berwarna hijau muda. Gel-lotion sedikit lebih kental jika dibandingkan dengan serumnya.
- Cepat meresap, tidak lengket dan ringan. Setelah dioles di kulit lama-lama terasa seperti mencair
- Wangi rumput laut yang menyegarkan


Hello~ It's been a while since I write something unrelated to beauty. My mind is completely blank right now, I feel dizzy. I think I need a holiday again hahaha. So, last week is a long holiday that have been awaited by most people in Indonesia. Unfortunately I had to spent my long holiday at home because I didn't had any plan after my Seoul trip on June. Finished some k-dramas like Dr.Strangers, Big Man, Angel Eyes, and You're surrounded during my holiday. And now currently watching Reply 1994. But wait, it isn't what I want to talk about~ *skip*
So, last monday is officially became the most hated monday ever because it is the day that we must go back to work again. Back to reality~ The reason why I feel dizzy, because suddenly there are 5 new co-workers at my office. Repeat after me... 5 persons! it's not 1, it's not 2, it is 5. *sigh* Can you imagine how crowded and messy my office now. and unfortunately it is affecting me now. hikz. Not that I hate new co-…