Saturday, August 16, 2014

Review: Charee Lashes [Sponsored]

Hellooow~~~ I'm back with new review ladies~ This time I will talk about my latest false eyelashes from Charee Lashes. Charee Lashes is quite a new brand (from Singapore) but their products are 100% handmade and Charee only use Natural human hair and the best synthetic fiber making Charee lashes one of the most comfortable lashes to be. Also, the lashes are proudly made in Indonesia (yes, eventhough the brand is from Singapore, every lashes are made by lash master from Indonesia). Charee Lashes launched 10 different designs for their lashes, and currently only 4 designs that available in Indonesia. Now I will try to use the lashes and share my opinion with you~

Handwritten card for me :)

The lashes packed in individual box including the glue. The lashes comes with outer box and  stored in plastic packaging. What I love the most is the plastic packaging also comes with cover. Usually false eyelashes only comes with a single plastic packaging without cover, but this one comes with a cover, so even I don't bring the outer box, my lashes are still dust-free yay!
The glue packaging is also different from another brand, it comes with a small glass bottle (not plastic packaging like another brand) another yay~

The lashes:

I got 4 different lashes from Charee, the first one is Charee 7464.
Color and Texture: Made of thin fibers and Black Human Hair, medium length and not to thick 

Charee 5296
Color and Texture: Mad eof thin fibers, Medium length and not to thick 

Charee 4501
Color and Texture: Made of thick fibers and Black Human Hair, Medium length and thick

Charee 4518
Color and Texture: Made of thick fibers and Black Human Hair, Long length and thick

My opinion:
All the lashes are very lightweight even the thickest one. Charee 7464 and 5296 are very natural and I think it will suitable for daily use or when I hang out with my friends or BF. While Charee 4501 and 4518 is more suitable for party or important events. All lashes are reusable and glues are included in every packaging~ yay!

Charee 7464 is very thin and lightweight so you barely can see it on my eyes if you're not come closer hehehe (I have monolids eyes). I try to use it alone and it doesn't really make any difference on my eyes but still it makes my eyes slightly bigger. hehehe.

Charee 5296 is somewhat similar with Charee 7464 but this one is thicker. It makes my eyes more popped but still looks natural and not to much. This one is my favourite.

Charee 4501 make my eyes really big with thick and long lashes. It is also very black. This one is my favourite for party make up.

Charee 4518 is the longest~ but still comfortable to use. err I think I need to trim more because the lashes number 4518 look too long for my eyes in the picture but to lazy to take new picture because It's already late when I decide to play with these lashes..hehehe I promise I will make another FOTD post with Charee Lashes.

FOTD with Charee 4501 

Overall I really like all the lashes from Charee. I love their packaging and also their lashes quality. It is indeed very comfortable to use and also it can be used several times too. Clean the glue on the lashes band and stored it again on their box to use it more than 1 time.  I hope the other 6 designs will available in Indonesia soon~

More information about Charee Lashes, you can visit their fanpage:

Facebook Instagram | Website (coming soon)

PS: Charee Lashes currently holding a giveaway on their Instagram, come join the contest and try your luck. You maybe have the chance to look more gorgeous with the lashes from Charee~

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposed. I'm not being paid for doing this review. All my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer in Seoul 2014: Beauty Haul

Hello ladies~ here come the long awaited haul post~ I bought a lot of stuff from Seoul from clothes, bags, cute things and of course cosmetics. But I will only share the beauty haul a.k.a cosmetics haul with you. Actually for cosmetics, I didn't bought a lot for myself, because most of my luggage space are full with the cosmetics order from my friends and also I'm quite confused to choose because there are a looooott of items in front of my eyes. So, yeah, here are what I bought from Seoul.

Face Mask Sheets~

I must admit that mask sheets are everywhere in Seoul. Even the famous stationary shop, Artbox and also Daiso sell mask sheet. Mask sheets also the one that always have big discounts everywhere. Most korean cosmetic stores will go with "10+10" or "5+5" promotion. while drugstore and another store like watsosn, olive and young, artbox, daiso, etc usually go with "1+1". No matter what promotion that they offered, mask sheets are definetely must buy items when you're in korea. And also, Korea has mask sheet for everything. from top to bottom. I took picture from all brands that I bought but the amount of my mask sheets are more than you can see in the picture.

Leaders in Solution Mask Sheet
Remember how I love this brand so much even the price is expensive when I buy it in Indonesia? Well, I saw a very great deal for this brand at Watsons and I was like "omggg my favourite mask is currently on sale, I need to grab one!!!!* Too bad they don't have tea tree varian on promotion too :(

Dewy Tree Mask Sheet
I admit I bought it because the packaging is cool (I also heard this brand before from another beauty blogger). hahaha. it is like doctor's uniform. While Leaders insolution has injection on the packaging, this one is the doctor.

Missha Mask Sheet and Etude House Mask Sheet
No need explanation because I'm sure you're already aware about this brand.

Etude House Collagen Eye Patch

Pure Smile Choosy Lip Patch and Pure Smile Point Pads

Mamonde Mask Sheet
Another "1+1" mask sheets from watsons. I personally think the color of the packaging is really attractive.

The Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask
This is one of my HG Hair mask! Seriously this is the only hair mask (after my favourite hair mask from everline doesn't works like magic again to me) that can tame my lion hair. I love how my hair become so soft, silk, and straight after use this hair mask. The mask comes with cream and hair cap. Complete review coming soon~

Shara Shara Nail Polish, Innisfree Nail Polish, and Peripera Nail Polish
The Shara shara nail polish claims to be like gel nail polish but you can use it without the UV lamp and can remove it easily without special remover. I've tried it and so far I'm quite satisfied with the staying power. As for the shine effect, it just so-so.

My mom quite curious about why I must have 4 nail polishes with similar pink color when I've already owned almost 10 pink nail polishes at home. lol. Seriously for nail polish, I always set my eyes on pink color. And I always have an excuse for every pink bottle that I bought. I always insist that those are different pink colors hahahaha. The innisfree nail polish is 1+1 and so does the peripera~ If only peripera has another pink color, I would definetely grab that one instead of green color.

The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell
Still haven't tried this CC cream but 2 of friends (who bought the same product like me) already spread to the world about the amazing effect from this CC

The Face Shop Soul Essential For Men EDP
It is a man perfume, but I completely fell in love with the scent so decided to bought this one instead if the woman perfume hehehe

Aritaum Honey Melting Tint, Holika Holika Heartful Glossy Lipstick, Nature Republic Lipcare
Bought the honey melting because I love the color and Holika mostly because I like the cute heart shape lol. but I also love the color :)

Aritaum Full Cover Concealer + Aritaum Full Cover BB Cake
I tried the sample version at the store and can stop admiring the result of the BB compact. As for the concealer, it is a free gift for buying the BB cream.

Holika Holika UV wonder Shield and Nabi Cream
Nabi cream is a renewal version from Holika Holika miracle skin finish. One of my favourite all-in-one cream.

The Skin Food Premium Tomato Whitening Essence, Nature Republic Vitamin C mist, Etude House Color My Brows

That's all~ thanks for reading ^^ Review coming soon~

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Review: Citra Light Touch White Japanese Wakame Series [Sponsored]

Hi all, sesuai janji di post sebelumnya, kali ini aku akan membahas mengenai rangkaian body lotion baru dari Citra yaitu Citra Light Touch. Rangkaian ini terdiri dari 2 product yaitu Citra Light Touch Japanese Wakame Gel Lotion dan Citra Light Touch Japanese Wakame Gel Serum

Body lotion identik dengan "lengket" saat digunakan. Jujur saja aku juga termasuk salah satu orang yang malas menggunakan body lotion karena sifatnya yang lengket. Oleh karena itu, kali ini Citra menggunakan bahan alami berupa Wakame, rumput laut Jepang yang dipercaya mengandung nutrisi pencerah kulit dengan tekstur ringan dan menyegarkan.

- Packaging berupa botol plastik warna putih. Tutupnya agak sedikit susah dibuka karena bentuknya yang unik.
- Teksturnya gel bening berwarna hijau muda. Gel-lotion sedikit lebih kental jika dibandingkan dengan serumnya.
- Cepat meresap, tidak lengket dan ringan. Setelah dioles di kulit lama-lama terasa seperti mencair
- Wangi rumput laut yang menyegarkan
- Harga/ukuran: Rp 11.600 / 120 ml ; Rp 21.600 / 240 ml

- Packaging berbentuk tube warna bening.
- Gel bening berwarna hijau muda. Teksturnya lebih ringan daripada gel-lotion. Gel serum ini hampir seperti mencair saat gel menyentuh kulit, sangat ringan sekali.
- Cepat meresap dan tidak lengket
- Memiliki wangi rumput laut yang menyegarkan
- Harga/ukuran: Rp 26.000 / 180 ml

Sepulang dari berlibur bulan lalu, kulitku mengalami sunburn dan warnanya jadi tidak merata terutama di bagian kaki (bisa dilihat di foto). Setelah 2 minggu penuh memakai produk Citra Light Touch ini bisa dilihat hasilnya di kulitku.

Kulitku yang belang karena terbakar matahari sedikit mengalami perubahan setelah aku rutin memakai serum dan gel lotion ini. FYI aku memakai keduanya sekaligus, pertama aku pakai serum lalu dilanjutkan dengan gel lotion. Memang bekas kulit belangnya masih terlihat tetapi jauh lebih terang jika dibandingkan dengan saat aku pulang berlibur. 

Secara keseluruhan aku suka sekali dengan rangkaian Citra Light Touch ini. Seperti yang aku bilang di atas aku merupakan orang yang jarang memakai body lotion karena tidak suka dengan efek lengketnya di badan, tetapi waktu aku mencoba memakai rangkaian Citra Light Touch ini, aku sangat terkejut dengan kecepatannya meresap dalam kulit dan juga setelah meresap, kulit benar-benar terasa kering dan tidak lengket, seperti tidak memakai lotion/krim di kulit~ Selain itu wanginya juga terkesan menyegarkan dan tidak berlebihan. Terkadang body lotion memiliki wangi yang berlebihan yang membuat pusing, tetapi Citra Light Touch ini tidak demikian. Yang aku kurang suka mungkin dari desain botol untuk gel-lotionnya. Untuk membuka tutupnya agak susah karena desainnya yang unik (seperti melingkar).

Inovasi baru dari Citra ini merupakan favoritku dan benar-benar jawaban yang tepat sekali untuk orang-orang yang tidak suka menggunakan body lotion karena lengket seperti aku :)

Produk-produk Citra bisa didapatkan dengan mudah di supermarket-supermarket yang dekat dengan wilayah tempat tinggal kita dan harganya sangat terjangkau~ yay!

 Informasi lebih lanjut bisa dilihat di social media Citra:

Facebook | Twitter | Website

 Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposed. I'm not being paid for doing this review. All my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Hello~ It's been a while since I write something unrelated to beauty. My mind is completely blank right now, I feel dizzy. I think I need a holiday again hahaha. So, last week is a long holiday that have been awaited by most people in Indonesia. Unfortunately I had to spent my long holiday at home because I didn't had any plan after my Seoul trip on June. Finished some k-dramas like Dr.Strangers, Big Man, Angel Eyes, and You're surrounded during my holiday. And now currently watching Reply 1994. But wait, it isn't what I want to talk about~ *skip*

So, last monday is officially became the most hated monday ever because it is the day that we must go back to work again. Back to reality~ The reason why I feel dizzy, because suddenly there are 5 new co-workers at my office. Repeat after me... 5 persons! it's not 1, it's not 2, it is 5. *sigh* Can you imagine how crowded and messy my office now. and unfortunately it is affecting me now. hikz. Not that I hate new co-workers, but suddenly adding many people which completely clueless with the job definitely quite stressful. It's only 3 days now but I feel like I came to a completely new office because the atmosphere is different hahaha.

Hmmm..what should I write next.. I maybe will take another hiatus on beauty review because I don't have mood to write one now. Well, I've stored some draft posts and maybe will publish it around next week. Now I will be back to the k-drama topic. I am currently watching Reply 1994 and this will become my 2nd favourite series after Reply 1997 eventhough I still haven't finish it yet. 

Reply 1997 is one of my favourite series ever. I like the plot, I think it is very refreshing and completely different with another k-drama. And I know it's already quite long time since Reply 1994 been broadcasted but I just watch it now. Simply because everytime I want to buy the DVDs, BF will try to stop me and said the film is not good (because he dislike the Reply 1997 hahaha). But I think maybe most people who not a fan of Korea will also dislike the series because you will not understand any single thing. On Reply 1997 the main focus is about K-Pop idol during 1997 which are mostly dominated by the famous HOT and Sechs Kies. I also not really into those group because It can be considered as an old generation of idols, but being aware of K-Reality show for these past 6 years, of course I knew a little about those idols. That's why I still can enjoy the film.

While Reply 1994 is back even more further than HOT era, now the main focus is baseball (which I know nothing) and Seo Tai Ji and Kids (the only reason I know this group just because YG is one of the kids hahahaha). The plot is the same with Reply 1997, we must guess who is the husband on the last episode. Still watching it until Ep 8 and I've already have top 2 candidates of the husband but still don't know the correct answer. I am CURIOUS! very very very curious at the extent that I want to google the ending but cancel it because I don't want to ruin the mood because I still want to watch all the episodes. 

*skip again to another topic*

I got very serious breakout on my face hikz. It's been a while since my face condition become this bad. Blame my lazy habits during holiday. I often skip my skincare and use a lot of make up huhuhu. Now I still trying my best to restore my skin condition again~ *hugged my tea tree series* Anyway, I'm planning to change my skincare products (I still love my TBS tea tree series, for those who curious, just want to try something new and who knows if those new things will works better on my skin), any skincare suggestion for oily and acne prone skin? I'm eyeing Paula's Choice (because I used it a long time ago and so far it doesn't works bad on my skin) and also Clinique (but I heard their acne line can make skin super dry/flaky). *confused*

Now I think it's enough for my ramblings today~ thanks for reading and sorry for wasting your time to read this random post he5~

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