Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer in Seoul 2014: Beauty Haul

Hello ladies~ here come the long awaited haul post~ I bought a lot of stuff from Seoul from clothes, bags, cute things and of course cosmetics. But I will only share the beauty haul a.k.a cosmetics haul with you. Actually for cosmetics, I didn't bought a lot for myself, because most of my luggage space are full with the cosmetics order from my friends and also I'm quite confused to choose because there are a looooott of items in front of my eyes. So, yeah, here are what I bought from Seoul.

Face Mask Sheets~

I must admit that mask sheets are everywhere in Seoul. Even the famous stationary shop, Artbox and also Daiso sell mask sheet. Mask sheets also the one that always have big discounts everywhere. Most korean cosmetic stores will go with "10+10" or "5+5" promotion. while drugstore and another store like watsosn, olive and young, artbox, daiso, etc usually go with "1+1". No matter what promotion that they offered, mask sheets are definetely must buy items when you're in korea. And also, Korea has mask sheet for everything. from top to bottom. I took picture from all brands that I bought but the amount of my mask sheets are more than you can see in the picture.

Leaders in Solution Mask Sheet
Remember how I love this brand so much even the price is expensive when I buy it in Indonesia? Well, I saw a very great deal for this brand at Watsons and I was like "omggg my favourite mask is currently on sale, I need to grab one!!!!* Too bad they don't have tea tree varian on promotion too :(

Dewy Tree Mask Sheet
I admit I bought it because the packaging is cool (I also heard this brand before from another beauty blogger). hahaha. it is like doctor's uniform. While Leaders insolution has injection on the packaging, this one is the doctor.

Missha Mask Sheet and Etude House Mask Sheet
No need explanation because I'm sure you're already aware about this brand.

Etude House Collagen Eye Patch

Pure Smile Choosy Lip Patch and Pure Smile Point Pads

Mamonde Mask Sheet
Another "1+1" mask sheets from watsons. I personally think the color of the packaging is really attractive.

The Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask
This is one of my HG Hair mask! Seriously this is the only hair mask (after my favourite hair mask from everline doesn't works like magic again to me) that can tame my lion hair. I love how my hair become so soft, silk, and straight after use this hair mask. The mask comes with cream and hair cap. Complete review coming soon~

Shara Shara Nail Polish, Innisfree Nail Polish, and Peripera Nail Polish
The Shara shara nail polish claims to be like gel nail polish but you can use it without the UV lamp and can remove it easily without special remover. I've tried it and so far I'm quite satisfied with the staying power. As for the shine effect, it just so-so.

My mom quite curious about why I must have 4 nail polishes with similar pink color when I've already owned almost 10 pink nail polishes at home. lol. Seriously for nail polish, I always set my eyes on pink color. And I always have an excuse for every pink bottle that I bought. I always insist that those are different pink colors hahahaha. The innisfree nail polish is 1+1 and so does the peripera~ If only peripera has another pink color, I would definetely grab that one instead of green color.

The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell
Still haven't tried this CC cream but 2 of friends (who bought the same product like me) already spread to the world about the amazing effect from this CC

The Face Shop Soul Essential For Men EDP
It is a man perfume, but I completely fell in love with the scent so decided to bought this one instead if the woman perfume hehehe

Aritaum Honey Melting Tint, Holika Holika Heartful Glossy Lipstick, Nature Republic Lipcare
Bought the honey melting because I love the color and Holika mostly because I like the cute heart shape lol. but I also love the color :)

Aritaum Full Cover Concealer + Aritaum Full Cover BB Cake
I tried the sample version at the store and can stop admiring the result of the BB compact. As for the concealer, it is a free gift for buying the BB cream.

Holika Holika UV wonder Shield and Nabi Cream
Nabi cream is a renewal version from Holika Holika miracle skin finish. One of my favourite all-in-one cream.

The Skin Food Premium Tomato Whitening Essence, Nature Republic Vitamin C mist, Etude House Color My Brows

That's all~ thanks for reading ^^ Review coming soon~


  1. Sama Sha,naq kalo liat yg buanyakkk gt malah bingung dw n belie ga sebanyak rencana awal LOL

  2. Aiiih, tau gitu aku nitip masker yang Leaders Insolution, lupa aku.. >.<


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