Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Hello~ It's been a while since I write something unrelated to beauty. My mind is completely blank right now, I feel dizzy. I think I need a holiday again hahaha. So, last week is a long holiday that have been awaited by most people in Indonesia. Unfortunately I had to spent my long holiday at home because I didn't had any plan after my Seoul trip on June. Finished some k-dramas like Dr.Strangers, Big Man, Angel Eyes, and You're surrounded during my holiday. And now currently watching Reply 1994. But wait, it isn't what I want to talk about~ *skip*

So, last monday is officially became the most hated monday ever because it is the day that we must go back to work again. Back to reality~ The reason why I feel dizzy, because suddenly there are 5 new co-workers at my office. Repeat after me... 5 persons! it's not 1, it's not 2, it is 5. *sigh* Can you imagine how crowded and messy my office now. and unfortunately it is affecting me now. hikz. Not that I hate new co-workers, but suddenly adding many people which completely clueless with the job definitely quite stressful. It's only 3 days now but I feel like I came to a completely new office because the atmosphere is different hahaha.

Hmmm..what should I write next.. I maybe will take another hiatus on beauty review because I don't have mood to write one now. Well, I've stored some draft posts and maybe will publish it around next week. Now I will be back to the k-drama topic. I am currently watching Reply 1994 and this will become my 2nd favourite series after Reply 1997 eventhough I still haven't finish it yet. 

Reply 1997 is one of my favourite series ever. I like the plot, I think it is very refreshing and completely different with another k-drama. And I know it's already quite long time since Reply 1994 been broadcasted but I just watch it now. Simply because everytime I want to buy the DVDs, BF will try to stop me and said the film is not good (because he dislike the Reply 1997 hahaha). But I think maybe most people who not a fan of Korea will also dislike the series because you will not understand any single thing. On Reply 1997 the main focus is about K-Pop idol during 1997 which are mostly dominated by the famous HOT and Sechs Kies. I also not really into those group because It can be considered as an old generation of idols, but being aware of K-Reality show for these past 6 years, of course I knew a little about those idols. That's why I still can enjoy the film.

While Reply 1994 is back even more further than HOT era, now the main focus is baseball (which I know nothing) and Seo Tai Ji and Kids (the only reason I know this group just because YG is one of the kids hahahaha). The plot is the same with Reply 1997, we must guess who is the husband on the last episode. Still watching it until Ep 8 and I've already have top 2 candidates of the husband but still don't know the correct answer. I am CURIOUS! very very very curious at the extent that I want to google the ending but cancel it because I don't want to ruin the mood because I still want to watch all the episodes. 

*skip again to another topic*

I got very serious breakout on my face hikz. It's been a while since my face condition become this bad. Blame my lazy habits during holiday. I often skip my skincare and use a lot of make up huhuhu. Now I still trying my best to restore my skin condition again~ *hugged my tea tree series* Anyway, I'm planning to change my skincare products (I still love my TBS tea tree series, for those who curious, just want to try something new and who knows if those new things will works better on my skin), any skincare suggestion for oily and acne prone skin? I'm eyeing Paula's Choice (because I used it a long time ago and so far it doesn't works bad on my skin) and also Clinique (but I heard their acne line can make skin super dry/flaky). *confused*

Now I think it's enough for my ramblings today~ thanks for reading and sorry for wasting your time to read this random post he5~

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