Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Updating my skincare products~

So, I've changed my skincare products. If you followed my blog since the beginning, you maybe know that I am a loyal user of The Body Shop Tea Tree series. And yes, I like it so much because it works well on my skin. But recently I decided to move on from my favourite brand.

What is the reason?
I've searched for the lotion for almost 2 months since July, and until now I still get the same answer from all the counter that I've visited. "It is out of stock", "I don't know when will it comes again in store", "It's been too long since the last time we have it in stock", and another similar answer that have the same meaning. I've searched all the mall in Surabaya and even in Bali (when I visited my sis last month for holiday) and that's all the answers that I collected. Recently even I can't get my hand on their famous tea tree oil because it went out of stock too *sigh*

So, I decide to try another brand. Quite confused to choose the new brand because there are quite many brands that I want to try. I consider Clinique first. I've tried their turnaround concentrate series before and it works good on my skin. I also think about Paula's Choice. But in the end I choose Kiehls for my new skincare. Read many good reviews about Kiehls Blue Herbal series being good for acne prone skin, so I choose to pick 2 products for the acne treatment. At first I only want to buy the Blue herbal spot treatment but the SPG persuade me to buy the Acne blemish control daily skin-clearing treatment too because the spot treatment will works even well with the daily skin-clearing treatment as the base. Ended bought 2 of these and proudly present my first (and second) Kiehls products ever. Also the SPG give me some samples for another blue herbal products.

So here are my super quick review about the samples~

Blue Herbal Cleansing Gel
The texture is very runny like water (not gel)
It has a nice blue color and mint scent
Not produce much bubbles/foam
Give tingling and cool sensation

Blue Herbal Astringent Lotion
Clear blue water
It calm my skin and also make it shine-free
It smells like alcohol

Blue Herbal Moisturizer
Lightweight lotion
Absorb quickly and matte finish  

I will wait a little longer and write the full review about the full-size duo later. And also I'm planning to buy a whole series if this brand works well for me :)

PS: So far the duo works great on me. Especially the blue herbal spot treatment. It really help to eliminate acnes. I only used it for 5 days and can see visible result from these products. Very excited and can't wait to share the full review later :)



  1. range harganya berapa? belum pernah main2 ke counter Kiehl's nih.


    1. Kalau yang seri blue herbal mulai 250rb (spot treatment)~ coba main ke websitenya say ada info lengkap harga2nya hehehe

  2. Wahh kiehls.. ditunggu reviewnya ce ^^

  3. No boubt, These are best skincare products but I suggest nature products for skin like skincare bio oil because it includes natural ingredients in it.


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