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Event Report: Bangkok Beauty Hair Removal Salon

Hi ladies~ Today I will write a report about my latest beauty event. This event took time on Oct, 25th. It is a grand opening of Hair removal salon at Klampis Jaya. Thanks to Ce Mindy for the invitation! I've already knew about this event since long time ago because the owner of the salon is ce Min's friend.

It was a sunny saturday (and also a public holiday in Indonesia), and the dresscode for the event is orange and white. Wow~so bright hahahaha. I only have 1 orange dress and used it for this event. This is how my dress look like~ #OOTD

And because I wake up late at that time, I don't do much makeup on my face. Only BB Cream, eyeliner, powder, Blush and lipstick~ #FOTD 

When I arrived at the place, the others are already gather together and take selfies likee...crazy~ hahahaha. And now please let me introduce you to the event.

Pict credit: Ce Mindy

The front desk
Bangkok Beauty is the new hair removal salon in town. It is located at Klampis Jaya 33D. The main locatio…

My Latest Beauty Haul~

Hello~ Today I want to share some of my new beauty products and also some short reviews about it. Lately I rarely buy new beauty products because I still have so many of them, It will be a waste if I don't use it and keep buying new thing, right? But, I always can't resist the tempation to buy new things hahahaha. So, here are my collective haul from August until October.

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film My life saver, my must have item, and my everything! I used it like twice daily (and maybe more) to wipe away the shine on my face. Love it since the first time I knew it. The film is thick and not riped easily, it's also absorb excess oil very well and it is blue *lol, ignore this. I will be very happy if the have pink version of this oil control film, but since there isn't pink version, I guess blue is okay*
L'oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Make up Remover I love this one, because it is more gentle than my previous make up remover. It is clean waterproof make up well an…

Event: Miracle Beauty Talks About Beauty

Halo semuanya~ Pada hari Sabtu 27 September 2014 yang lalu aku berkesempatan hadir di beauty event yang diadakan oleh Miracle Aesthetic Clinic yang mengangkat tema tentang "Beauty talks about beauty". Event ini berlokasi di Center Stage, Surabaya dan salah satu brand sponsor adalah merk kosmetik Make Over.

Untuk pilihan waktu dan tempat event kali ini, aku mengacungkan jempol untuk Miracle. Waktu yang dipilih adalah weekend dan selepas jam kantor. Ini sangat membantu sekali untuk teman-teman blogger yang juga memiliki aktivitas yang terikat jam kantor seperti aku. hehehehe. Acara dimulai pukul 14.00 dan kebetulan aku bisa tiba sebelum acara dimulai jadi aku bisa mengambil foto-foto venuenya dalam kondisi sepi hehehe.
Begitu sampai di lokasi, aku diharuskan mengisi buku tamu dan kemudian aku diberikan goodie bag dan tongkat kecil yang bertuliskan "FACT" dan "MYTH"

Ini adalah Photo Corner yang disiapkan oleh Miracle. Aku suka sekali detail dekorasinya~ ter…