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Event Report: Bangkok Beauty Hair Removal Salon

Hi ladies~ Today I will write a report about my latest beauty event. This event took time on Oct, 25th. It is a grand opening of Hair removal salon at Klampis Jaya. Thanks to Ce Mindy for the invitation! I've already knew about this event since long time ago because the owner of the salon is ce Min's friend.

It was a sunny saturday (and also a public holiday in Indonesia), and the dresscode for the event is orange and white. Wow~so bright hahahaha. I only have 1 orange dress and used it for this event. This is how my dress look like~ #OOTD

And because I wake up late at that time, I don't do much makeup on my face. Only BB Cream, eyeliner, powder, Blush and lipstick~ #FOTD 

When I arrived at the place, the others are already gather together and take selfies likee...crazy~ hahahaha. And now please let me introduce you to the event.

Pict credit: Ce Mindy

The front desk

Bangkok Beauty is the new hair removal salon in town. It is located at Klampis Jaya 33D. The main location is a little bit inside an aisle, but you can see the banner with pointed arrow at the main street. So no need to worry that you'll get lost.

The owner is ce Wynne, she is the friend of ce Min's cousin. She is very pretty and kind. She describe everything clearly in English and looks like she is very proud of her machine..hahahaha *of course la~* In picture above, ce Wynne decribe about the deodorant called It is a non chemical deodorant. She said, after you got treatment for the hair removal, you shouldn't used lotion / deodorant that contains perfume, etc because your skin condition is still very sensitive after the treatment. That's why she suggest to used this one.

This the room for the treatment. They have 2 rooms that separated with a curtain so it is very private and you don't need to worry about your privacy. The pillow and blanket are orange color because it is the main color of the salon. We can store our belongings in the box below the bed during the treatment.

This is a short video of ce Wynne introducing her Machine to us. The Machine called SHR (super hair removal). Now, if you want to know more about SHR, here are the explanation from the brochure :) *in Bahasa*

 Click to see the full size~

In english, SHR or Super Hair Removal is the latest technology for hair removal that combine Laser Diode  technology and IPL (Intense Pulsating Light) for the best result. SHR is more quick and effective for hair removal. It also makes skin become more smooth and soft. SHR is very safe for all skin type.

Now, we have 2 volunteers to try the treatment, Sabrina and Ce Mindy. Actually I also want to try the treatment because I also have a lot of hair on my body lol *please keep this as a secret* but I was to embarrased with the crowd hahaha maybe later I will try it by myself. So, before the patient try the treatment, they must provide some information first to decide their skin type. They were given 2 forms. The first form is for personal information and the other form consists some questions about their skin type that they need to answer.

I was inside Ce Min's room at the first time, then I need to go out and come again when she was in the middle of the treatment (we must divide between 2 groups to enter the room, because we need to use sunglasses to cover our eyes from the light from the machine).

So here are the step by step: [some steps took from ce Min's blog]
1. First the therapyst will clean the body lotion from the entire leg

2. Then they draw some line to define the hairy area
3. Next, they start shave the hair with new razor
4. After that, they put cooling gel and then started to used the SHR machine. Here are another short video~ beware of the blinking light!

5. After cleaning the cooling gel, the therapist sprayed NaCl that acts as anti irritant and they also apply Elocon as to reduce the stinging sensation [Though, Ce Mindy said she didn't feel it]

After the treatment, they also give us the post-treatment card. It consists some actions that we should avoid after the treatment.[See the big picture above to know about the post-treatment]

The second one is Sabrina, but I didn't enter her room and give chance to another blogger. I only managed to snap her after picture. Sorry I didn't had the before picture, because at the first time Sabrina said she want to remove the arm's hair but suddenly changed to leg's hair. So I had plenty of her arm picture but none of her But I'm sure you can see the result clearly from this picture~

Upper leg: Not having treatment
Lower Leg: After the treatment.

You can see the different right? hehehehe Sabrina doesn't do her upper leg, that's why you can spot the different easily.

While waiting for Sabrina's treatment, I and the others enjoyed the snacks provided. There are many delicious foods hehehe.. Noticed the pile of cans? It is our goodie bag! yay~ they called it treasure box. While kathy told me it was a rice box. lol. We even try to shake the box before *ROFTL*

Bangkok Beauty also give us a doorprize.. and the winner is...
Congratulations to Henny / Nessya~ She got the doorprize! with the help of Kathy~

 here is Henny/Nessya~
Group Pictures:

L-R (Above): Cynthian, Lina, Sabrina, Yennyca, Ce Mindy, Jessica, Widya
L-R (Bottom): Kathy, Nessya, Me
Pict credit: Ce Mindy

Credit: Ce Mindy

Me and Yennyca and our treasure box <3
Pict credit Ce Mindy

Now, it's time to revealed the treasure box! Yay~ there are a lot of items inside the can. The first thing that caught my eyes is the deodorant! (because I heard the explanation before). Then the Crystal nail polish (saw some post about this nail polish on Ce Mindy's blog). I also smell something fragrant, turns out it comes from the cute jar that consist body scrub~ the soap bar also smell fragrant too! The last one is Bangkok Beauty Notebook and Voucher,

Thank you so much Bangkok Beauty for Having us~ and thank you for the treasure box too! It was a fun saturday! I hope the best for the bussiness~

Here are the pricelist of Bangkok Beauty:

and If you want to try Bangkok Beauty treatments, they have special price during the grand opening. Also you can mention my blog's voucher "BANGKOKSHASHA" to get additional 10% discount.

Klampis Jaya 33 D
IG: @bangkokbeauty_id
Twitter: @bangkokbeautyid

PS: Sorry if most of my group pictures are taken from Ce Mindy's blog. Because there are many of us, it will be more convenient to took group picture with 1 camera. And also I feel sorry for the therapist or owner to help us to took picture with 10 different cameras ha5. Imagine after takes 1 picture, others will said "can you help with my camera too?" hehehe.. So yeah, I hope you understand :)


  1. Asik bgt eventnya ce ^^ kyknya ngga seformal event2 yg udah prnh kita ikuti ya? XD
    Jd penasaran sama SHR machine nyaa


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