Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Latest Beauty Haul~

Hello~ Today I want to share some of my new beauty products and also some short reviews about it. Lately I rarely buy new beauty products because I still have so many of them, It will be a waste if I don't use it and keep buying new thing, right? But, I always can't resist the tempation to buy new things hahahaha. So, here are my collective haul from August until October.

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film
My life saver, my must have item, and my everything! I used it like twice daily (and maybe more) to wipe away the shine on my face. Love it since the first time I knew it. The film is thick and not riped easily, it's also absorb excess oil very well and it is blue *lol, ignore this. I will be very happy if the have pink version of this oil control film, but since there isn't pink version, I guess blue is okay*

L'oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Make up Remover
I love this one, because it is more gentle than my previous make up remover. It is clean waterproof make up well and doesn't stings my eyes.

Eco Tools Mineral Set
Bought this set along with the Bourjois eyeliner from Luxola. They have a good deal last month. I only need to pay IDR 100.000 for this set and also the eyeliner. Cheap~ This is my first ecotools product ever. I heard that the bristles are soft, and it also comes with a pouch. That's why I bought this.

Bourjois Eyeliner
This is an eyeliner with the thiniest brush I've ever had. I don't google the review about this one before. I just pick random liquid eyeliner from Luxola, because I ran out liquid eyeliner at that time. So, I stop at this eyeliner. I love the black color and the staying power. But I don't really like the brush. It is super thin and can't hold much product. I have small eyes and usually I love to draw my eyeliner really thick so this one is quite hard to use. Sigh. I need to google more reviews next time before I buy something. But, for someone who like to use super thin eyeliner, this eyeliner is a good thing to try.

Make Over Eyeshadow and Eyeliner
These are freebies from the Miracle event. Still haven't used it, but I've tried the eyeliner once at the event and the color is quite pigmented and bright. Next time when I have time, I will create FOTD with these products.

Make Over Blush On
Along with the freebies, I also received Make Over Voucher. And I decide to buy these blush. Actually I want to but the liquid eyeliner but it was out of stock. hikz. So, ended bought 2 blushes with the voucher.

Miracle Green Tea Lily Room Fragrance
Also freebie from the Miracle Event. At first I thought this is a body mist. Thankfully Shelvi mentioned that, this a room fragrance hahahaha. I love the green tea scent, it is very relaxing and fragrant. I used it as my room fragrance now <3 my room smells like Miracle's clinic now hahaha..

Kiehls Blue Herbal Spot Treatment and Kiehls Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment
Short review in this post~ these are my latest skincare products.

Just Beyond Save Us Lipstick and Mangosteen Face Mask
Last month I won Beyond's voucher from a giveaway on Instagram, and here are what I bought with my voucher. The lipstick is seriously cute. Though at first I don't know what animal it is, later when I look closely I just knew that it is a seagull with small words "save me". Cute or not? hahahaha. The Mangosteen face mask is the recommendation from the SPG.

The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Deep Care Hair Mask
My latest hair mask. It smells good and help a lot to tame my thick hair.  

Okay, that's all about my latest haul~ I'm sorry if I rarely update this blog. Because I'm so busy with my work lately. But I promise, if I have more leisure time I will update this blog regularly. 


  1. lucu ne ce itu lipstik e, tp nti lek ws lama dipake ws ilang ya motif e, eman :D

    1. wkwkwkwk iyaa..nek motif lucu2 gitu ga isa tahan lama memang..

  2. Kiyaa.. Gue juga lagi ngeliatin yg 5 pcs brush setnya eco tools di luxola shaa.. Terus itu lipstick lucu amaatt kaga tega makenyaa XD


    1. ayo beli van~ hehehehe kapanan kalau pas ada diskon lumayan banget lho jatuhnya.. wkwkwk tuh lipstick belum kesentuh, masih nongkrong manis di meja rias..tiap mau make ga tega hahahahaha

  3. lovely haul!!
    omg that lipstick!! the pattern(?) on it is so unique and cute lol~
    would love to see a review of those eye shadows you bought! XD
    btw, I'd like to invite you to my giveaway where you could win $90 worth of korean cosmetics!
    I hope you'll check it out & join~
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder Review || Korean Cosmetics Giveaway

  4. I also thought it was a body mist until my sister in law corrected me hahahaha! Now i really want that Beyond's lipstick, i already want it when i saw it in Kathy's IG now i want it even more T.T


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