Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Hello girls~ lemme introduce you to this magic liquid called Bioderma. Maybe some of you already familliar with this product, because it's quite popular especially among beauty blogger. Few months ago, BF went to Jakarta for his business trip, anddd accidentally I saw the promotion about this Bioderma product. If I bought 1 real size, they will give me another one as an extra *travel size*. Of course I need to grab this! I made BF bought this package for me hahahaha~ PS: It's already available in Surabaya~ yay! finally no need to go to Jakarta to buy this baby.

So, here is my opinion about this cleansing water~

Packaging: The bottle made from plastic *no need to worry even though you drop it when you're in hurry. I've already did it several times lol* the cap is pink color. so cute~ I found out the travel size bottle is the perfect size for this cleansing. The real size is somehow too big for me. 

Texture: The texture is liquid, almost like water but I think it contains something like soap, because when I shake it there are some bubbles inside the bottle. It doesn't have any weird scent (I think I can't smell anything) and I also need small amount of this product to erase all my make up. For the travel size (100 ml), I finished it within 1 month. Quite satisfied with that, considering I used it everyday.

I don't really like to use it to cleanse my eye make up, because mostly I used waterproof eyeliner and mascara, so it's quite hard to remove it with this. But except that, this cleansing water works wonderful on my skin. No sticky feeling, cleanse well, no scent, lightweight. I don't have any complaints anymore!

Price: The price for 250ml product is IDR 180K. I found that the price in Surabaya is higher, IDR 190K for 250ml. I don't know if they already change the price (because I bought mine quite long ago) or the price is different in every city.

So far, I love this cleanser~ I will and definitely repurchased it again~  Have you tried it? You can get this product at Guardian.


  1. I have heard a lot about this product,
    thanks for the review dear.
    makes me want to buy too.
    am not sure if we have it here in the PH though.

    Ms. Kei

  2. Ohh I like that it feels lightweight on your skin~ :3
    The travel-sized bottle is the cutest! C:

  3. Halo kak.. itu ada di surabaya mana ya? Bbrp bulan lalu udah cari di beberapa guardian century tetep nggk nemu juga. Makasih

    1. Halo, di guardian TP atau Galaxy Mall ada kok :) sudah agak lama aku tahunya..


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