Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last post for 2014

2 more sleeps before new year. Like always, I'm very excited when it comes to December, but unfortunately this year is the exception. There are some sad news (even though I also got many good news this month). 

Betrayal. I thought I only read this word in a book. But now when I experience it by myself, it hurts really bad. People said that I think too much. Indeed I think too much. I admit it. It is one of my positive and also negative point. I wish I'm an ignorant person so I don't really feel this bad. But, in the end I still can't deny this. It hurts so bad. They said time will heal everything. I agree. But I also agree that the scar will also there forever.

But they said, you learn something when you fall. Yes, I learn... don't expect something too much. Because everything that too much will hurt you so much.

2 more sleeps and I hope I can forget everything when I step into the new year. 2014...It's been a good year but I hope next year will be better.


  1. Be strong ce, wish u the best for next year ( tomorrow ) ^^

  2. Happy New Year, Sha! Cheer up! everything happens for a reason, new year means a new hope. God loves you and to let you feel hurt, He must have a better or even the best things for you :)
    Hope to meet new posts :)

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