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I'm getting Married!

Next year to be exact..
Actually I want to write a post about this happy news long time ago, but again I'm very busy with my daily life and also wedding preparation. You know wedding can be really complicated in Indonesia. So, BF proposed me earlier this year and I said YES *of course hahahaha*. We're planning to get married next summer. If you follow my Instagram, I've already publish the same picture of my ring on the day he proposed me. Some of my close blogger friends also already knew about this news. Why I decide to publish it now on my blog? No special reason, I just think December is a happy month so I need to add more happy news to make it even happier hehehehe. Plus, maybe after this I will flood my blog about the wedding preparation. So, of course I need to make the announcement first, right?
Talk about my relationship~ I've known my BF since 2008 and we've been together for 5 years, will become 6 next year. We go to the same college and had a same majo…

All I want for Christmas are...

These babiesssss~~~

Merry Christmas Everyone! May the warmth of Christmas bring joy to you and your family.
Some people maybe know that I'm a snowglobe collector. Mostly my collections are country snowglobe. But when it comes to the cute things, I can't say no~~~ especially a cute snowglobe. This year I add 3 new christmas snowglobe into my collections (so far I've already have 100+ snowglobes from all over the world and also random snowglobe).

Let me introduce you to my new babies~ the first one is Santa Claus. Last year, I saw a similar snowglobe like this on one of my friend's instagram. I asked her where she got it, and she said she bought it from Philliphine *so sad*. I've been searched the santa claus snowglobe like this (the one that had his head inside the globe and the body outside the globe), and fortunately last month I saw this one at DAISO! only for IDR 25 K. very cheap and cute!!! omg~

Since Santa Claus feels lonely when he alone, I decided to b…

IPL Treatment at Tokyo Belle [Final Review]

Hi, today I will write a final report about my IPL treatment at Tokyo Belle Surabaya. I was tried their IPL treatment for 3 times to remove unwanted hair on my lower arm. Since I started this treatment (back on August), I can see there is a difference on my arm hair. First of all, it is grow slower than before. Yes, we know that IPL is widely known to be use as a hair removal treatment. As far as I know, to make the hair completely gone and stop growing, I must do the treatment several times every month (like 8-10 times). By now, I got a chance to try 3 times of the IPL treatment and so far I can see some of parts of my arm are quite clean and hair free. But some other parts still have hair. To summary my experience with IPL, I make some Q&A review.

this is my lower arm, taken on December 17th
Dit it hurt to the IPL? No, it didn't. The most pain you can feel is just a warm sensation on your skin and it's only for second.
Did The hair grow slower? Yes, it did.
Did the hair…

November Haul

Hi Guys~
Kali ini aku mau sharing hasil haul selama bulan November kemarin. Aku dapat beberapa barang dengan harga yang relatif lebih murah daripada harga aslinya *puas*. Bulan lalu tepat tgl 11.11 banyak online shop yang bagi-bagi diskon yang menggiurkan jadilah agak kalap belanjanya hehehehe. PS: tanggal 10.12 sampai tgl 12.12 juga banyak banget diskon yang menggiurkan dari online shop indonesia seperti Zalora, Berrybenka, Lazada, etc.

Yang pertama adalah Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX. Ini adalah sleeping pack favourite untuk tahun ini. Efek masker ini bagus banget di kulitku! untuk yang mau baca review lengkapnya bisa klik disini. Harga Normal untuk masker ini adalah IDR 330K via Luxola. Kemarin aku beli dengan potongan harga 40% sehingga harganya menjadi IDR 198K Super duper cheap! yay~
Yang kedua adalah NYX auto eyebrow pencil in Black. Ini juga adalah pensil alis favoritku! awal tahun ini aku pernah punya yang warna charcoal dan aku beli waktu ada diskonan black friday tahun l…

Bangkok Beauty [Final Review]

Hello~ I'm back with my final review about SHR treatment at Bangkok Beauty. If you followed this blog for a while, you maybe noticed that I did hair removal for my lower leg at Bangkok Beauty. I've got to try the treatments for 3 times since July 2015. During that time, I've already made several posts about my leg condition. You can check the full post here and here.
So, last month (September 2015) I did my final treatment and now after 1 month, I'll share my opinion about the result. I will not talk about the step by step again because I've already write it on the first post. Now about the result~

After my 3rd treatment, I can see my lower leg "almost" free from unwanted hair. Why I said almost? that's because I still have several hairy areas on my lower leg. I've said this after my 1st treatment, that several areas on my leg are hair-free but some parts are still grow. This time is also the same, but it is slowly reduce. Now, I only have thin h…

What's in my bag?

Hello, today I want to share about some beauty products that I always bring inside my bag. Actually I don't use make up for my daily activities. But, sometimes I have a meeting / event after office hour, so I need tidy myself and put a little make up to make my face look more fresh. So, These are the products inside my bag (clockwise order)
Bioderma Soothing Refreshing Water My recent addition. This is really help to make my face feel more fresh during the day.

Hello kitty Comb. I have a very thick hair, so I always prefer a comb with wide teeth.
Clean and Clear Oil Control Film My live saver! after my wallet and phone, this is the must have item in my bag
Line friends Mirror Bought this in Korea just because I think I need to buy something from Line Store wkwkwkwk. 
Maybelline Baby Lips Color My favourite lip balm now comes with color. Yay! this is a boost for my pale skin and a big help for my dry lips.
Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder Foundation This is my current favourite pow…

September Haul~

Hi, today I'm back again with my favourite post ever..It is Haul Post! yay~ I bought few new things since last month and now I will share it with you

Bioderma series! The 250ml bottle is the first one that I bought around 1 week ago, sadly after I bought it, the next day they have big sale for the 500ml bottle. You can get the big bottle (500 ml) for only IDR 319K (while I bought the 250ml bottle for IDR 219K) hikz. Still with the same deal, I decided to bought the travel size. Usual price for 110ml bottle is IDR 132K, while I got mine from Sociolla for only IDR 99K (with free samples and mini pouch!) yay~ This is the first time I shop at Sociolla and I'm very pleased with the service. It is quick and the CS is very helpful, they also reply to my email quickly. It also comes with a cute pink box!
The last one is the latest product from Bioderma, I saw the deal from Bioderma's Instagram and manage to buy it at Guardian. It is buy 1 get 1 promo. With only IDR 99K you can get…

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Hello ladies~ Today I want to show you my latest addiction. Lately I've been into this lip cream, I'm sure this is not a new product since it's been raved by many girls outside there. I owned 3 different shades of the famous NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. yay~ Let me share my personal opinion with you.

Packaging: NYX SMLC's packaging is tube made from plastic with brush applicator. The bottle's color are differentiated by the shades, but the cap is always the same color, black.
Shades + Swatches:

Antwerp : Red with hint of orange color.
My first one is Antwerp~ had read many good review about the SMLC so when it goes on sale and at that time I'm currently addicted to lippie product, I decided to purchased my first SMLC. Why Antwerp? I heard it is one of the popular shade and when I saw the swatch, I completely fell in love with the red coral color from this lip cream.

San Paulo: Red with hint of dark pink color
Second one is San Paulo~ I told my friend about my ne…

Review: Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser [Sponsored]

Hello again~ I'm quite productive lately, so proud of myself because I can blog more often. It's very hard to manage my time between work and blog. I need to steal some time during work-time to write this blog post hehehe *psst.. don't tell my boss* Anyway, lately I've been concern more about skincare. As you maybe noticed, my latest post almost all about skincare and only few that discuss about cosmetic. This one is no other *pleaseee don't be bored with my post* I still talk about skin care, well, body care to be excact hehehe. Few weeks ago, I saw an interesting email in my inbox, it is a notice about writing competition by Redwin. I was curious about the brand because I never heard bout it before (it is sold at my local drugstore such as guardian, but I missed to notice it before). So, I decided to join the competition, after all I need to sharpen my writing skill because I'm become more and more lazy to write hehehehe.

A little about Redwin, Redwin is a b…

IPL Treatment at Tokyo Belle ♥ [UPDATED-2]

UPDATE 22/09/2015 
Hi ladies, I'm having my 2nd IPL treatment last sunday (20/09/2015). Before I talk about the treatment, I will show you the progress of my hair growth after the first IPL Treatment. To remind you, I'm doing IPL on my lower arm. This is my hair condition after 1 month:

The hair still grow on some parts of my arm and still quite fast. I asked the beautician about how many treatment should I do before the hair completely gone? and all of them give me the same answer, it is depends on my hormone. Some people only need 4-5 treatments but some people need more (8-12). Btw, when I said quite fast, it doesn't meant my hair grow faster because of the treatment. The speed of my hair growth is still the same like before I try the IPL, usually after IPL, the hair growth will become slower but I still haven't experienced it.
For the second treatment, I was handled by 2 beautician (that's why I can't take pictures, because I can't move both o…