Saturday, January 17, 2015

Moo Moo~

Hello everyone~ How are you today? I'm down with flu hikz. Runny nose, sore throat and headache. What a perfect combination! I want to do a new make up look and also review some beauty products, but my body won't let me. So, today I will share a simple thing that I can do with this condition. And the answer is~~~ tadaaa~ a nail art!

I remember an old song from my childhood, maybe some of you also knew about this song?

"Old MacDonald had a farm~
E I E I oooo
And on his farm he has a cow
E I E I oooo"

Today's theme is a Cow! Actually I can't make difficult nail art so I just stick with simple creation like this one. This is very easy and you don't need special tools to make this creation.

For this nail creations, I used these products: 

The Face Shop White Nail Polish
Etude House Fashion Queen Line - Black
Shara Shara Pop Ping gel nail
Ellianto Top Coat
Dotting tools

So I started with the base. I used White color from The Face shop. And then draw half of my nails with pink color (this is acts as the mouth). Using dotting tools (or bobby pins/toothpicks or anything that can make a dot), make a dot with black color for the eyes, nose, and ear. I only draw 2 cow's face on my nails, and for the rest of my nails, I simply make dots with black color. It reminds me of the cow's body. Finish it with Top coat and Here are the result!

Although it is messy, I think it is quite cute. hahahaha. What do you think?


  1. it's cute! thanks for the idea, I think I'd make one for my self too :)

  2. Huwaaa keren ^^ aku paling malas pake kutek agak ribet makenya, kusebel


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