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Review: Make Over Blush

Today I will introduce you with my new blushes from Make Over. This is a local brand *FYI*, I don't really use local brand when it comes to cosmetic *It's not that I hate it, I just usually fell in love with the packaging so I ended buy Korean cosmetics instead of local brand hahaha*. I heard about this brand for quite long time ago, I also have some stuffs from this brand (eyeliner, foundation, and eyeshadow). But today I will talk about the blush first.

Packaging: Make Over packaging is always all black with the huge "MAKE OVER" words on its packaging. The shape is rectangular and to open the packaging, I need to push the center of the cap. Inside, there is a small brush to apply the blush. Despite the cheap look, the bristles are quite soft. But it is very small and I don't use it, because I prefer big brush to apply my blush.

Move forward, there is a wide mirror which make me very happy. Mostly my blush doesn't comes with mirror and even tho…