Friday, February 6, 2015

Review: Make Over Blush

Today I will introduce you with my new blushes from Make Over. This is a local brand *FYI*, I don't really use local brand when it comes to cosmetic *It's not that I hate it, I just usually fell in love with the packaging so I ended buy Korean cosmetics instead of local brand hahaha*. I heard about this brand for quite long time ago, I also have some stuffs from this brand (eyeliner, foundation, and eyeshadow). But today I will talk about the blush first.

Packaging: Make Over packaging is always all black with the huge "MAKE OVER" words on its packaging. The shape is rectangular and to open the packaging, I need to push the center of the cap. Inside, there is a small brush to apply the blush. Despite the cheap look, the bristles are quite soft. But it is very small and I don't use it, because I prefer big brush to apply my blush.

Move forward, there is a wide mirror which make me very happy. Mostly my blush doesn't comes with mirror and even though some of them do have a mirror on its packaging, it is only a small one and I can't really see my face huhuhu.

Now my problem is here~ judging the packaging from the outside, I expect the amount of the blush as big as the packaging. Turns out the amount is only half of the packaging because the other half is for the brush. hikz. If only they make it as big as the mirror, I will not have any complain!

Texture: The texture of the blush is quite buttery. It is not very powdery and as long as you swept it gently, the dust will not fly everywhere. The color is very pigmented *I'm warning you~* no need to go mad and swipe so many times *this is happen with Korean brands* because only 1 swipe *and sometimes I need to blew a little* will make your cheek colourfull~

I have 2 different shades. The first one is pink fantasy. I know it looks so scary on the packaging. You'll see the bright pink color, but once it applied on the skin, the color is very beautiful.

Second one is Coral, This one is my favourite. When I feel it is a little bit too much to use pink color *Yes, sometimes I feel pink is too bright for me* I always run to this blush. The warm orange color never failed to make my face looks brighter.

Now for the price: It is IDR 75.000/pc and the amount is around 6 gr. I must say the price is very affordable for the great quality. Another blush that makes me fell in love with the color is Illamasqua but the price is quite expensive for some people, so this is a great deal if you want a pigmented blush with affordable price.

Pros: Sturdy Packaging, Wide Mirror, Soft Bristles for the Brush, Pigmented Color, Affordable, Local Brand.

Cons: Small brush, The blush amount is half-size of the packaging.

My Favourite? Yes!


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