Thursday, April 16, 2015

Welcome back! Haul post!

Hello~ the haul post has been absent for quite some time on my blog. That's because I rarely buy something new lately. But, last month I decide to buy some new things to satisfy my hunger hahaha~ I try to reduce my shopping activities especially when it comes to make up products. Because I still have a lot of items (eventhough I've already throw away some products too) sigh. I've been on shopping banned since january, and manage to achieve a good result. I only buy some products that I really need or that I used everyday *mostly skincare and face masks* yay~

So, here are some new items that I bought last month. Mostly are nail polishes, because I've been craving for new nail polish since last month *don't know why~* First I reallly want to buy gold nail polish. But this color is a little hard to get, especially the affordable one. So, when I saw one on Cocci's FB, I quickly put my order.

My gold nail polish is from Peripera. The bottle is very unique with a cat ornament on the cap. My mom said it looks like a turnip hahahaha. Well it really looks similar at first.

Next batch of nail polishes. This time is from drugstore brand. Maybelline Color Show and Revlon *This is a 2 in 1 product, works as base and also top coat*

Still from Maybelline, I bought the famous baby lips lip balm. I've already had one but the old version. The new version also comes with color. When the old one only works as a plain lip balm. This one works like tinted lip balm, it provides a nice sheer red color and also taste good.

Another drugstore brand, it is my new Primer from L'oreal Paris. I bought this primer in hurry (I shop online on Luxola during office hour wkwkwk that's why I need to works fast), so I don't check about the review first. Don't know if it works or not. Will update about the review later.

Also, last month (I think it is around the end of February) I got a surprise package from Miracle Clinic. yay~ thank you Miracle. The timing is perfect because I'm currently looking for a new sunblock and here come my secret santa~ hehehe

Okay, that's all my haul post today. Talk to you soon~


  1. Me too! I reduced buying so many things especially beauty products.Just prioritizing the ones needed everyday.Btw, nice haul.I'm following your blog~~


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