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Makeup Demo by Estee Lauder

Hello ladies, Last week I was attended a makeup demo by Estee Lauder with my fellow bloggers. This event is to celebrate Surabaya's birthday. Thanks to ce Mindy and Sabrina for the information about this event. The event took place at Ciputra World Mall on May 23th. The traffic was very hectic at that day, I just knew later that there is a big event at Shangrila Hotel (which is accross the ciputra wold mall), and it is a Graduation from Unika Widya Mandala (My Almamater! congrats for the fresh graduate) that's why there is traffic jam around that area.

Anyway, when I was arrived, the event just began so I don't missed anything hehehehe. Hmm the event besically only a make up demo by Estee Lauder MUA. They make 2 different styles, natural makeup and also heavy makeup with smokey eyes. Estee Lauder have many products selection from skincare, makeup and even perfume~

Estee Lauder number 1 best seller! they have a giant version of the serum wkwkwkwk

I was a little suprise wh…

Review: TDF Day Rejuvenation SPF 20 [Sponsored]

Hello..back on february, i received a surprise package from Miracle clinic. The package consist of TDF age defense cleansing gel and TDF day rejuvenation complex SPF 20 and also sample sachets of TDF eye radiance [already made a review about it, here]. Today I will write a review about the TDF Day Rejuvenation complex SPF 20.
Packaging: slim sturdy packaging made from thick plastic material. It has pump applicator. When the first time i open it, the pump didn't work well. I've tried to push it several times, but still no reaction. Then I tried to open the packaging and shake it a little and the push the pump again. Luckily it works! (I just know from ce mindy's blog that the other bloggers also have same problem like me with the pump). After the pump works, i have another problem with the amount control. I can't pump a little cream because it always leak out so much. Sigh. Need to be very very careful when i push it.

Texture: very light and almost watery. The color is c…

Bling Bling!

Hello girls~ Few weeks ago (I forgot the date hahaha), I joined a mini giveaway from Kiki. The rule is simple, we just need to re-create her dots nail art. I did it, well it looks messy and unpretty wkwkwk but luckily, she picked me as one of the winner. yay!

Here are what I got as a giveaway gift.

Lot of new items for my nails. Actually I never do any difficult nail art and these things are a new things for me..wkwkwkw I even don't know how to use the colorful powder on my nails (will ask kiki for a help later). Anyway, I try to make a simple nail art with my new toys, and this is my result.
What I used: - Revlon Double Twist for Base and Top Coat - Elianto Baby Shine Nail Polish - Colourful Rhinestone - Tweezer

First, I apply Revlon Double twist as a base. Make sure to apply base coat before you apply nail polish. It will helps to reduce the ugly yellow stain on your nails and also helps the nail polish to stay longer.
Second, Apply the main nail polish. I choose Elianto Baby S…

Visit: Erha Apothecary + REVIEW

Hello girls~ Setelah mencoba treatment dan perawatan krim dari Erha Clinic, beberapa waktu yang lalu, tepatnya Selasa 05 Mei 2015, aku juga berkunjung ke Erha Apothecary. Erha Apothecary ini merupakan apotek Erha yang menjual produk ready stock dan lepasan untuk para pelanggan. Yang dimaksud produk lepasan di sini adalah, kita bisa membeli produk tersebut tanpa menggunakan resep dokter.

Aku berkunjung ke Erha Apothecary cabang Ciputra World Surabaya. Yes, mereka buka tokonya di dalam Mall, jadi konsepnya kayak window shopping gitu. Aku suka dengan konsep Erha Apothecary ini, Biasanya kan ada orang yang suka risih kalau mau mencoba sesuatu yang baru tetapi dengan konsep window shopping dan lokasinya yang strategis di dalam mall, pelanggan bisa bebas masuk dan membeli produk yang diinginkan, kalaupun tidak membeli bisa keluar lagi tanpa perlu merasa sungkan hehehehe.

Selain menjual produk ready stock, Erha Apothecary juga melayani untuk konsultasi dan treatment seperti facial / peeling…