Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Etude House I Need You Tea Tree Mask

When it comes to pampering myself at home, my first choice is using a mask sheet. I'm such a big fans of mask sheet. I use it 2-3 times a week if I have leisure time (well, I got a lot wkwkwkwk). My "me-time" routine is usually like this: I'm back from office at 4.30 p.m, take a bath, lay down on my bed, watch k-drama series and put on a mask sheet on my face. It feels like heaven!

I've tried many face masks *mostly korean brands* and I have some of my favourite. Up until now my top 2 favourite mask sheets are quite difficult to be found in my country. The first one is from Leader's in Solution (one of the best mask sheet out there~ I love this mask so much) and the second one is from My Beauty Diary mask. Both are quite hard to get here, well some online sellers do sell those brands, but sometimes the price is not affordable especially for the Leader's.  So, move on to my number 3, it is a face mask from Etude House. This one is a little easy to get because the brand is very common here, and they also have an official counter at Surabaya *but, I prefer to buy online because the price is much cheaper*

From Etude House, my favourite is I Need You Tea Tree Mask. The previous one, has an alphabet symbol on it's packaging (T for tea tree) but the new packaging isn't. Because it is tea tree, the main color is green with tea tree leaf and cross symbols all over the packaging.

The mask sheet's size is just fit perfectly and also contains a lot of essence. It doesn't really smells like tea tree but it does have mint scent when the first time I opened the packaging. Usually I will use mask sheet until 30 minutes, and after that rinse my face with water.

Though many people love to let the essence absorb in their skin after remove the mask sheet, I don't like the greasy feeling from the essence. That's why I prefer to wash my face with water then apply some serum / moisturizer. 

One thing that I love the most about mask sheet, is about the instant result. It always make my skin looks brighter and smoother than before. I loveee to touch my skin after the treatment (make sure your hand is clean if you want to try this because it can cause a new pimple hehehehe).

Now, the last question~ why this one is also my favourite mask sheet?
My preference of mask sheet is very simple.. For the design, I prefer something that fit my face shape perfectly, plus I like mask with holes for eyes and mouth (some mask sheet usually only cut half of the holes and left the excess, So I need to fold the excees when I use it.)

Second, is the essence~ I prefer a transparent and watery texture essence (some mask sheet have this milky white essence, usually for moisturizing effect) 

So, what about you? Do you have any favourite brand for mask sheet?

Talk to you soon~


  1. Looks like a lovely another lovely sheet mask from etude Sha... I havent tried this one yet :)

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  2. That looks great. =D

  3. Kesukaan aku bange yang tipe tea tree ini, keren banget bikin kulitku yang lagi sensitif dan kemerahan jadi lebih baikan gitu~

  4. tea tree is also one of my favourite masks of etude house. I like the description how you get home and watch k dramas during wearing the mask. I always watch movies when I do masks with my mother and sister. ^^

    1. yay same with me! my favourite activity = watching k-drama + mask time! hehehe


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