Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review: TDF Day Rejuvenation SPF 20 [Sponsored]

Hello..back on february, i received a surprise package from Miracle clinic. The package consist of TDF age defense cleansing gel and TDF day rejuvenation complex SPF 20 and also sample sachets of TDF eye radiance [already made a review about it, here]. Today I will write a review about the TDF Day Rejuvenation complex SPF 20.

Packaging: slim sturdy packaging made from thick plastic material. It has pump applicator. When the first time i open it, the pump didn't work well. I've tried to push it several times, but still no reaction. Then I tried to open the packaging and shake it a little and the push the pump again. Luckily it works! (I just know from ce mindy's blog that the other bloggers also have same problem like me with the pump). After the pump works, i have another problem with the amount control. I can't pump a little cream because it always leak out so much. Sigh. Need to be very very careful when i push it.

Texture: very light and almost watery. The color is cream / soft brown. This is a new thing for me, because usually sunscreen product has white color for the cream, or transparent for gel type. One thing that i don't really like from this product is the scent. It smells like traditional medicine and last quite long.

I rarely use sunblock/sunscreen for my daily activities because it tends to make face oily and cause me break out. I also hate the heavy feeling from applying sunblock. Luckily this product is a combination from exfoliator, moisturizer and sunscreen, so it is light and moisturize my skin well and also protect my skin from the sun light. The SPF is only 20 so need to reapply again after few hours or before i do an outdoor activities. But, because mostly i works indoor, i think this is enough for me.

Though the consistency is quite light and watery. This product still makes my face oily after hours. Usually i will set it with loose powder to reduce the greasy feeling. So far this product doesn't makes break out and works quite well as a 3 in 1 product (exfoliator,moisturizer and sunscreen). The minus maybe only the scent and also the price hehehehe. Because it is quite expensive. But if you looking for a good moisturizer and sunscreen in 1 bottle you maybe want to give this TDF day rejuvenation complex a try

Thank you Miracle Clinic for the gift! 

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