Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Beauty Haul

Hello~ how are you today?
You know the best medicine to reduce the stress is to shop? Well, some people tend to eat when they are stress, but for me shopping is the best medicine. I didn't spend much lately, to be honest I even forget when the last time I bought a new BB Cream? Lipstick? Mascara? I don't even follow the news of the new cosmetic in the market *Sigh, I guess I'm getting old and lazy* 

Anyway my shopping list for beauty products recently only involved around skincare products (things that I will always repurchase. Lately, I used Kiehls, Erha Clinic, and SKII for my skincare) and some cosmetic that I use frequently and already empty (eyeliner and powder). Aside from that, I don't try new cosmetics at all (except freebies that I got from event). So, to make a haul post like this one, I need to wait for several months so I can have enough things to show you hehehehe.

First, Hair products! My favourite hair mask from local brand, Ellips. It can be found easily at supermarket and the price is around IDR 8-9k. As for the hair vitamin, Lucido-L, I just try it recently and I think the smell is very good~ it also sold at supermarket, the price is around IDR 35K.

Etude House Take Care of My Skin Mask Sheet. You know I'm such a big fan of mask sheet. I keep plenty of mask and usually will re-purchased again even I still have many. Etude House is one of my favourite brand. I got this from Bell's Etude House for IDR 9K (they have special promotion at that time)

Erha21 Collagen Face Mask. I just know about this mask when I visited their apothecary to buy a night cream. I never knew they have sheet mask like this. I've tried it, and not really like the shape. But the scent is good and relaxing. The price is around IDR 64K/Set (1 set = 4 pcs)

Daiso Makeup Puff. If you need a good quality puff with affordable price, you maybe want to consider Daiso. I've been a loyal customer for this product since I knew make up several years ago. With IDR 25K you can get 12pcs puff. Maybelline baby lips is one of my favourite lipbalm, the price is around IDR 22K, pretty cheap right? 

Maybelline White Superfresh cake powder (Price around IDR 50K) and Revlon Touch and Glow Face powder (Price around IDR 40K). Actually I bought these for my mom. Usually we share the cosmetic (my mom and sis don't really do make up so they just use everything they can found on the table, and mostly are mine hahahaha) but for the powder, they use loose powder while I prefer the compact powder. So far I like the coverage from Maybelline white superfresh, but I still haven't try the revlon one.

So, I went to Bali for the Eid Fitri Holiday and I bought these two at Krisna (souvenir shop). The body mist has the best green tea scent everrr. I really love the fragrant scent, it is fresh, relaxing and long lasting. The candles, haven't try it yet and bought mostly because of the design hahaha. 

Hair tools! I bought a new hair straightener because my old one was broken during my trip to Bali. It is a 2 in 1 product, it can curl and straighten hair (Price IDR 275K). Also bought a new hair dryer from Vidal Sassoon, it has 2 different blow, cool and hot (Price IDR 320K from Luxola). And the last thing is the hair brush. Bought this because the color is matching with my straightener and hair dryer lol (IDR 149K from Kay Collection). It has sturdy handle and works really well for my thick hair.

Okay, that's all my haul post for today~ will collect some new items again starting from now and I will make another haul post soon. Thanks for reading


  1. Lucido L nya aku kapan hr cr di carefour ga ada ce, cc beli dimana itu ?
    yg catoknya, catok nova ya itu ce yg pink ?

  2. Lucido kalau ga salah aku beli di hypermarket wid.. catoknya bukan nova.. punyaku yg lama nova trus rusak akirnya beli ini bentuknya mmg sama persis kyk nova tapi beda merk aja..ini merk kemei..

  3. Sama ce aku jg jrg bgt ngikutint trend :p :p *edisi ngirit*
    candles nya kok apik ce <3 <3

  4. Hahaha samaan ya shel~
    candlenya kebetulan nemu waktu di krisna..beli juga karena lucu aja sih hahaha

  5. Nice haul.. Revlon loose powdernya oke kok, yg seri glow atau yg microfine. Cm memang coverage nya tipis aja.. :)

    1. wahh thank you infonya..waktu nyobain tester di counternya mmg keliatan oke jadi aku beli, tapi belum nyoba waktu apply ke wajah sih hehehe


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