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My Current Skin Care Routine

Hello, I'm back again with my recent skin care routine. Not long ago I write a post about how frustrated I am about my acne problems. After that I have a chance to try skin care products from beauty clinic ( I never tried cream from beauty clinic before nor trying treatment at beauty clinic. Usually I only doing facial at beauty clinic and It also very seldom) and also I change my usual brand skin care with a new one. Except that, one of my BFF also suggest me to try her skin care brand because she already feel the good result from that products. So, here are my skin care routine now.
♥ Morning: I wash my face with Erha ACS BP. It contains scrub so I only use a little. As I mentioned before, I can't really take scrub products. Long ago, I used scrub facial wash and ended having many new pimples on my face. Glad this one is the exception, this is my second bottles and so far I don't have any complaints. After that, I use SKII Faciat Treatment Essence. Pour it a little on my…

Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX Light gel-type texture provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation

Packaging: Sturdy glass container, separate applicator, completely seal for a brand new product I must admit that the packaging looks very elegant. The combination blue color and glass material packaging is very luxury and beautiful. They also give a little spoon to pick up the product. Problem with jar packaging is that we don't want to touch the cream directly from the packaging because it will affect the rest of the cream. The Jar itself is quite huge and heavy. I don't think it is wise to bring it during holiday, instead of that maybe we can store some products on a little container and bring it with us for a holiday. Why bother to bring this sleeping pack for holiday? Read more and you will know why~

Texture: Gel type, lightweight, fragrant scent, absorbs quickly, cool sensation When the first time I opened the packag…

Soft Opening Tokyo Belle Galaxy Mall Surabaya

Hi again!
Today I want to talk about the latest private event that I attend. On August 8th, I was invited by Tokyo Belle (via ce Mindy, thank you cece~) to come to their outlet. Tokyo Belle is a beauty salon that offers IPL treatment and Lash extension treatment from Japan. Tokyo Belle already has their first branch in Jakarta (and currently having 4 branches and more to come), and lately they spread their wings to Surabaya (my hometown yay~). The soft opening of Tokyo Belle Galaxy Mall Surabaya Branch is on July 27th. You can visit their outlet at Galaxy Mall 1 lt 2 (beside D-BOX).
So the soft opening blogger event is on August 8th. It is a private event and only 4 bloggers (Olin, Ce Mindy and Sab2) that invited (including me). The event start on 3 p.m but I was a little late because of traffic jam. Luckily they still wait for me hehehe (thank you).

Here is the front view of Tokyo Belle Outlet. I love their color concept. Baby Blue? well, ce min said it's a little bit mint color…

Juice Doctor ♥ [Sponsored]

Hello everyone, lately healthy is the new trend among young people (including me). Many people concern about their health and started a healthy lifestyle by consuming more fruit and vegetables, going to the gym, trying yoga (acro-yoga is quite popular these days), etc. For me, I rarely do sports after I graduated from high school (which is longgg time ago) and I don't really like vegetable, and only eat some kind of fruits (which is also very rare). During my yearly check up last year, my result isn't very good at some points, that's why I started to eat vegetable more, since then. Few weeks ago, a friend of mine (she is also a blogger) contacted me and told me about her new bussiness. She is a vegetarian and she started an online shop that sell cold pressed juice called Juice Doctor. She offered me few bottles to try and I happily choose 4 varians from 10 varians that available.

My juices come with a green bag and a little tag with my name and address. Look at my colourf…