Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Current Skin Care Routine

Hello, I'm back again with my recent skin care routine. Not long ago I write a post about how frustrated I am about my acne problems. After that I have a chance to try skin care products from beauty clinic ( I never tried cream from beauty clinic before nor trying treatment at beauty clinic. Usually I only doing facial at beauty clinic and It also very seldom) and also I change my usual brand skin care with a new one. Except that, one of my BFF also suggest me to try her skin care brand because she already feel the good result from that products. So, here are my skin care routine now.

I wash my face with Erha ACS BP. It contains scrub so I only use a little. As I mentioned before, I can't really take scrub products. Long ago, I used scrub facial wash and ended having many new pimples on my face. Glad this one is the exception, this is my second bottles and so far I don't have any complaints. After that, I use SKII Faciat Treatment Essence. Pour it a little on my hand and gently pat it all over my face. Next I use moisturizer from Erha (AMG and AF 4) and then I'm ready to go. I don't use make up or powder when I go to office, I only use makeup during weekend hehehe.

After I came back from office, I clean my face first with Bioderma (sorry forgot to took picture of it), and then wash my face with Kiehls Blue Herbal Cleansing Gel. I don't use BP because I want to minimaze the use of scrub. Even though it works perfectly on my skin, I'm still a little afraid to used it 3 times a day. That's why I used Kiehls instead of BP. Next, I use SKII Skin Clear Lotion as a toner then use SKII FTE again. After that I use Kiehls Dermatologist Solution Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment.

Night (Before I go to Sleep):
Wash my face again, this time use ACS BP face wash. Then I use SKII FTE again. Apply my eye cream from Erha Under Eye Suppressor. After that, I use 2 night creams from Erha, AFT SS and ANC (mixed these 2 on my hand first then apply it on my face). Optional: If I have acne, I also apply acne treatment Erha AST / Kiehls Blue Herbal Spot Acne Treatment

Weekly Routine:
I used Laneige Water Bank Sleeping Ex on Saturday night. When I apply this sleeping pack, I skip my night routine. Also usually 2/3 times a week I use mask sheet (from various brands).

That's all my skin care routine. I mix quite a lot of products, and maybe some of you have the same question. Is that okay to use such a lot of product? Well, I guess it is depends. For me, those combination work well. Very well, to be honest. I have clearer and brighter face now (compared to before I use all of these products). Though I can't really point out which one work the best to achieve my skin condition because I mix all of it hahaha ( But, I do know how to describe their function, see below). Of course at first I don't mix all of them. I try to mix one by one and little by little. Also I don't mix it everyday. I try to use all the combination every 2 days and continue to monitors my skin condition. If I see my skin condition change (in negative way) I stop all of it and try to find the best solution (luckily it's not happen.)

The most problem that I have so far, is my skin become very dry and flaky. When It becomes like that, I will stop using Erha and only use Kiehls or stop Kiehls and only use Erha (because those two are quite strong and tend to make skin dry). But it is only at first, and lately I don't have any problem with that combination.

The SKII is the latest addition (suggestion from my BFF), the price is very expensive but I think it really worth the price. The FTE is the best seller product from SKII and It can solve many skin problem that's why I decided to try it and yes it really works for me. Skin become soft and not rough like before. The travel size like mine is 30 ml and I bought it around IDR 200K. It can last for 2 months. I used it 2-3 times a day.

Kiehls Dermatologist Solution Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment works very well to clean blemish. Sure, it took some time especially if you have deep acne blemish like me, but it does help to make skin clearer. This product is also quite expensive but worth the money (30 ml for IDR 425K). I will write separate post about Kiehls product later~

As for the Laneige Water Bank Sleeping Ex, I've already write full review about this product on separate post. So far, I can say it helps to moisturize skin, makes skin supple, and make small pimples dry faster.

Another question that I also got from my friends is this one: Is it okay to use beauty clinic cream? What happened if you stop? Do you get addicted to it? Do your skin condition become worse again? Again my answer for this question is depends. For me, I did try to stop using Erha cream after 2 months. I stop for almost 2 weeks because I ran out the creams and still had no time to repurchase. During that time, I only use Kiehls (facial wash, toner, acne treatment and moisturizer from blue herbal series and the acne blemish control) and I don't think I got addicted to Erha. I mean, everything is fine even if I stop using it. My skin condition is still the same and not become worse. Also when I went to bali for 1 week (last month) I didn't brought my Erha cream (because the night cream need to be stored in the chiller and I think the steps are to complicated to applied during holiday). I only use the BP facial wash, SKII FTE and Kiehls Acne Blemish. And my skin condition still good like before. Usually when I came back from holiday (or during holiday) my skin condition tends to become very bad (rough and acnes everywhere) but this time it isn't.

Some of my friends said about this "addicted" things (not only for Erha, but also another beauty clinic brands outside there) but fortunately for me it doesn't happen. I have this opinion, again this is my OPINION: maybe because I mix a lot of brands, that's why I'm not addicted to 1 brand. If I stop 1 it will not makes my skin condition become very bad or worse. But again, I have a very thick skin to start with (according to my mom hahaha) so the best answer I can give you is, it is depends on your skin condition.

Some Tips from me: Always monitor every single change on your skin ( in this case, face). So if something happen you will know how to react. If your skin become dry, then look for moisturizing products (face mask also help to solve this problem) or if you have pimples/acnes and you skin extremely oily, you maybe want to try acne products. After all, it's you who know your skin condition :)

That's all my post for today~ sorry for the long post, I bet you all bored with a lot of words. I'm just in the mood of typing today hehehehe.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX
Light gel-type texture provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation 

Packaging: Sturdy glass container, separate applicator, completely seal for a brand new product
I must admit that the packaging looks very elegant. The combination blue color and glass material packaging is very luxury and beautiful. They also give a little spoon to pick up the product. Problem with jar packaging is that we don't want to touch the cream directly from the packaging because it will affect the rest of the cream. The Jar itself is quite huge and heavy. I don't think it is wise to bring it during holiday, instead of that maybe we can store some products on a little container and bring it with us for a holiday. Why bother to bring this sleeping pack for holiday? Read more and you will know why~

Texture: Gel type, lightweight, fragrant scent, absorbs quickly, cool sensation
When the first time I opened the packaging, I was surprised about how light is this gel sleeping pack. It almost like use nothing on my skin. The scents also very relaxing and help me to calm my mind while I'm using this mask. I use quite thick layer on my skin at night before I go to sleep. Usually the scent will left for 15-20 minutes before completely gone. Along with the faded scent, the gel also completely absorb on my skin and left my skin moisturized. Also, I really love to use this mask when I was tired, the cool sensation is like a hit to my tired face. Like massaging an ice block on my face brrr [Thinking of going on a holiday? You maybe want to bring this baby with you. Imagine after a long day travelling all over the place, you will get a cool sensation from this mask and moisturizing effect for your skin to continue the journey tomorrow]. Another love from me is when I wake up in the morning, usually my skin tends to be super oily, but when I used this mask, my skin completely become normal in the morning. Not oily but also not dry, I can also feel my skin become more supple and moisturized.

The ingredients

PS: My sis, who have dry skin stated that she loveee this sleeping pack so much. She can feels that her skin become brighter and fresh in the morning after use this mask. Yay!

Pardon my super bare face~ 

I must admit that I was hesitant to try Laneige product at first, even though I'm such a big fan of korean products, I never have any laneige product before. Because I think their price is quite expensive. But I think I must change my mind about Laneige. This product (and also their BB Cushion) is worth to try!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Soft Opening Tokyo Belle Galaxy Mall Surabaya

Hi again!

Today I want to talk about the latest private event that I attend. On August 8th, I was invited by Tokyo Belle (via ce Mindy, thank you cece~) to come to their outlet. Tokyo Belle is a beauty salon that offers IPL treatment and Lash extension treatment from Japan. Tokyo Belle already has their first branch in Jakarta (and currently having 4 branches and more to come), and lately they spread their wings to Surabaya (my hometown yay~). The soft opening of Tokyo Belle Galaxy Mall Surabaya Branch is on July 27th. You can visit their outlet at Galaxy Mall 1 lt 2 (beside D-BOX).

So the soft opening blogger event is on August 8th. It is a private event and only 4 bloggers (Olin, Ce Mindy and Sab2) that invited (including me). The event start on 3 p.m but I was a little late because of traffic jam. Luckily they still wait for me hehehe (thank you).

Here is the front view of Tokyo Belle Outlet. I love their color concept. Baby Blue? well, ce min said it's a little bit mint color hehehe.

Move ahead, there is a small counter that works as cashier, and they also displayed some products. Currently they only accept "cash only" payment. But, I guess they will also accept credit/debit card in the future.

Walk a little, I reach the waiting room. My facourite waiting room ever! because it has a cozy white sofa and also mirror wall! yay for selfie~ But, I guess it will be better if they also provide a bright light so the picture will come out nice. wkwkwkwk (blogger's problem, always take selfie and want a bright light).

This is the lash extension room. You can see they provide sharing room (This is my opinion: I guess mostly girls will bring their mom/sis/friend during the treatment so they can try the treatment together), If you come alone, no worries, there is a separator curtain in the middle of the room. They also have a single room but at that time, there is a customer there so we can take a picture. 

The IPL room. You can see the IPL machine? It has Tokyo Belle sticker on it, how cute! Here, in Tokyo Belle, they use the latest technology and everything are brought to you directly from Japan. Even is the kimono and blanket is from Japan. (though, not made in Japan *lol*)

Hiro-san showing the label of the blanket which is in Japanese.

After the short tour at their counter, we continue our event at the cafe near there. Hiro-san choose Bakerzin for us to rest and have a chit chat. After all our order came, Hiro-san begin the explanation about Tokyo Belle (He is very polite and well-mannered, he doesn't even want to start before the order came. Event hough we are all okay without the drinks hehehe.)

Here is Hiro-san explaining about Tokyo Belle service. In Jakarta, they provides 3 service: Hair removal with IPL technology, Eyelash Extension, Slimming Treatment. But, In Surabaya, they only have 2 which are: IPL Hair Removal and Eyelash Extension. Why they don't have slimming treatment here? According to Hiro-san, Surabaya peoples don't really like doing slimming procedure in beauty clinic. That's why they only focus on IPL treatment and eyelash extension. Hmm.. but It's weirds because I think slimming procedure is quite popular too.

These are the pricelist. During the soft opening (July 27th - August 27th) you can enjoy 50% discount for all treatments. I think this is a very great offer, if you want to try their treatments, I suggest you register yourself quickly. Also another good offer is for underarm treatment, for 1 year treatment you only need to pay IDR 500K ( you can get 10-11 treatments), very nice deal!

This lady is the receptionist at Tokyo Belle (I forgot the name, sorry). She is the only one that can speak japanese, so she is the bridge between Hiro-san and the other employee (Did I mention that Hiro-san can't speak Bahasa? during these time we communicate with English. But he does know a little bahasa such as "mbak/mas" (calling for the waitress) hehehe). She explain about the lash extension. She also showing the real result on her eyes. Ce El touch it and she saids it is very soft almost like natural lashes.

This event also sponsored by Me-Nail. So, during the chit chat, we also can do our nails. Here is Sabrina getting manicure. She can't have any nail polish due to her job, and at that time Me-Nail only bring gel nail polish (you can't clean gel nail polish by yourself) that's why she decided to do manicure only. From all the bloggers, I'm the only one that get to try their full service (gel nail polish treatment) hehehe because Oline just have her nails done (also gel nail polish), and ce Min only want to remove her old nail polish (gel also) and give her nails a rest.

During our conversation time, I asked a lot of question, because Hiro-san keeps asking all of us about questions wkwkwk. So here are the summary for you:

1. All the beautician was trained with a professional beautician and doctor from Japan for 3 months. So. everything is safe and you don't need to worry to try their treatments.

2. IPL is semi permanent hair removal. It helps slow the hair growth but your hair may grow again depending on to your hormone. Example: after giving a birth your hair may grow faster again. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, it is a form of light therapy for hair removal (and also another dermatological procedures). It is painless and only take a short time for the treatment.

3.The lash extension treatment need 2 hours to be done. The fake lashes is very light and they will attach it with 2mm gap, so the glue will not touch your real lashes. It can last for 3 weeks and will fall naturally by itself. You shouldn't rub your eyes after the treatment to make it last longer.

More Information about the Services, you can visit here:

Thank You Tokyo Belle for having me, thanks to Hiro-san, Ce Mindy, Ce Ellysa (Me-Nail).

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Juice Doctor ♥ [Sponsored]

Hello everyone, lately healthy is the new trend among young people (including me). Many people concern about their health and started a healthy lifestyle by consuming more fruit and vegetables, going to the gym, trying yoga (acro-yoga is quite popular these days), etc. For me, I rarely do sports after I graduated from high school (which is longgg time ago) and I don't really like vegetable, and only eat some kind of fruits (which is also very rare). During my yearly check up last year, my result isn't very good at some points, that's why I started to eat vegetable more, since then. Few weeks ago, a friend of mine (she is also a blogger) contacted me and told me about her new bussiness. She is a vegetarian and she started an online shop that sell cold pressed juice called Juice Doctor. She offered me few bottles to try and I happily choose 4 varians from 10 varians that available.

My juices come with a green bag and a little tag with my name and address.
Look at my colourful juice!

Morning Call
This is my favourite among the others. The most flavour I can taste is the water melon and I like to munch the chia seed because it brings a crunchy effect for the juice. Also I can taste something tingling like soda (I don't know if it contains soda or not because only the main ingredients are written on the bottle). I like the fresh (watermelon and lemon is a great combination for morning juice) and tingling sensation from this juice and it is really suits its name as a Morning Call.

Number 2 of my favourite (and also mom and sis's favourite). It taste sweet and a little bit sour but very fresh and makes me addicted. My sis call it a "koloke" juice because of its ingredients hahaha. I can't really taste the carrot, maybe because it was mixed with tomato and apple. It's like drinking an apple juice but it is more sweet because of the tomato and carrot.

The taste somehow similar with Dazzling, only the energizer has a strong celery scent and taste. Some people maybe don't like the scent (BF is also the one, he complaints about the scent hahaha). It's a little bit sour than dazzling and the carrot taste also more strong than dazzling.  

Unfortunately this is my least favourite. The beet scent is quite disturbing for me. It smells like the scent of soil. The taste actually just okay. It is quite sour because of the lemon but again all I can focus is the beet because it's very strong. I prefer the celery taste than this one hehehe.

As you can see, I make an order of the popularity of the juices based on my family taste (Yes, I made the whole family tried it, including BF and also my yoga instructor hahaha, except my dad, who can't eat any vegetable at all). The other three (morning call, dazzling, energizer) are almost hit the bottom for only couple of hours. As for the ABC is still a lot wkwkwk.

My conclusion: This is a very smart choice if you want to eat a lot of vegetables / fruits but hate to chew it or see it on your plate. Just drink it! drink is a lot of easier than eat, right? I love the combination of the Ingredients that Juice Doctor made, because they always paired vegetables and fruits that makes vegetables hater like me feels more ease to try the juice. And also, did I mentioned already that no sugar added during the process? Yeah! so all the taste are natural taste that provide by the vegetables/fruits itself. Well done doctor juice! I love my "morning call" so much~

PS: The juice must keep refrigerated and The seller told me to finish it within 2 days. In fact I finish it after 3-4 hours hahaha.

Juice Doctor
WA +628883591021 (msg only)
Line : JuiceDoctor
Instagram: @juicedoctorid
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