Saturday, August 1, 2015

First Treatment at Bangkok Beauty [Sponsored]

Hello Ladies,
Today post is about hair removal! Few weeks ago, I was contacted by ce Mindy to try the hair removal service at Bangkok Beauty. Sounds familiar? well, I was attended their grand opening last year with my fellow bloggers. Read here to know the whole story.

Back to the service, Ce Mindy asked me if I want to have a hair removal on my body? because she know I have quite a lot of hair on my body hahahaha. Thank you for the offer ce Min! So, I said yes! Luckily I still on holiday at that time so I have many free time.

Small but cozy waiting room~

 They also sell beauty products from Thailand.

When I arrived at the place, ce Mindy already there and she is quite busy because Me-nail (same building with Bangkok Beauty) also sponsored some bloggers to try their service. Because I never tried their treatment before, I need to fill some forms before I start.

I started with low leg hair removal. The process started with some drawing~ the ladies (I don't know how should I address mbak in english, so I guess ladies will do) draw a white line along my leg and then remove my leg's hair with razor.

After that, they started apply the special gel for on my leg and then move on to the next step, which is the use of SHR Machine. I'm very sorry because I don't have any picture about this process. They told me not to take picture because the light of the machine can be bad, even I must used sunglasses during this step. And stupid me... I didn't event think to took a video *sigh* I promise for the next treatment I will make a video about the process (I have the video of this SHR machine on my old blog post).

This is the SHR machine

Next, they clean the remaining gel on my leg and then swipe my leg with baby tissue. After that, they sprayed anti irritant on my legs. And taaadaa~

My clean lower leg! This treatment is very quick and painless (I don't feel anything during the process with the SHR machine). I remember I only need 15 or 20 minutes for the whole process. 
This is my before photo. Errr sorry if you can't really see the hair, because I just come back from holiday and I've already removed my unwanted hair before the holiday (on July 12th). This is my leg after 1 week (taken on July 21st). And on the right is my leg 1 week after treatment (taken on July 29th). Can you see the different? I can see that the hair growth is slower than before. Let's see what happened on my second treatement. Yes! I still have 2 more treatments to go~ hehehe

 The Pricelist

---------- ♥ ----------

Beside trying the SHR treatment at Bangkok Beauty, I also tried their Vit C Brightening mask for underarm. Thank you ce Elisa for the recommendation about this treatment.  At first, the ladies remove my unwanted hair, then apply some cream and clean it with brush applicator.

After clean it, they applied special peeling on my underarm. It is sting and feels hot at first. I need to wait for 5 minutes before they clean it.

Next, the applied mask. This time it feels cool on my underarm. I need to wait for 10 minutes before the mask completely dry and then remove it.

My Before- After Picture

As you can see, the center area slightly brighter than before. I'm quite pleased with the result. Also the treatment is only for 15-20 minutes and you can get an instant bright underarm.

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  1. Hi Shasha..Datangnya hanya1x ya untuk hilangin bulu-bulu itu? Apakah bakal tumbuh lebat bulu dikakinya?

  2. nah bener tuh komen atas, apa nggak tambah banyak tumbuhnya kalo digituin ?

  3. @belliani.. untuk sampai hilang tuntas permanen tergantung dari bulu-bulunya sendiri, kalau yang tipe tebal harus beberapa kali treatment baru bisa hilang, dan setelah itu juga harus maintenance lagi tetapi setauku tidak perlu setiap bulan. Kebetulan aku ada kesempatan treatment sampai 3x, nanti aku update lagi ya postnya ^^

    @junita.. bisa dilihat sendiri di foto before-after bahwa pertumbuhannya lebih pelan (yg foto kiri itu aku ambil 1 minggu setelah aku cukur biasa dan yg foto kanan 1 minggu setelah SHR treatment), dan sekarang ini posisi aku sudah 2 minggu setelah treatment, bulunya masih terlihat jarang-jarang, biasanya sebelum aku treatment setelah 2 minggu sudah agak banyak. Sejauh ini sih menurutku tidak membuat tumbuh bulu semakin lebat.. ^^

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