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Juice Doctor ♥ [Sponsored]

Hello everyone, lately healthy is the new trend among young people (including me). Many people concern about their health and started a healthy lifestyle by consuming more fruit and vegetables, going to the gym, trying yoga (acro-yoga is quite popular these days), etc. For me, I rarely do sports after I graduated from high school (which is longgg time ago) and I don't really like vegetable, and only eat some kind of fruits (which is also very rare). During my yearly check up last year, my result isn't very good at some points, that's why I started to eat vegetable more, since then. Few weeks ago, a friend of mine (she is also a blogger) contacted me and told me about her new bussiness. She is a vegetarian and she started an online shop that sell cold pressed juice called Juice Doctor. She offered me few bottles to try and I happily choose 4 varians from 10 varians that available.

My juices come with a green bag and a little tag with my name and address.
Look at my colourful juice!

Morning Call
This is my favourite among the others. The most flavour I can taste is the water melon and I like to munch the chia seed because it brings a crunchy effect for the juice. Also I can taste something tingling like soda (I don't know if it contains soda or not because only the main ingredients are written on the bottle). I like the fresh (watermelon and lemon is a great combination for morning juice) and tingling sensation from this juice and it is really suits its name as a Morning Call.

Number 2 of my favourite (and also mom and sis's favourite). It taste sweet and a little bit sour but very fresh and makes me addicted. My sis call it a "koloke" juice because of its ingredients hahaha. I can't really taste the carrot, maybe because it was mixed with tomato and apple. It's like drinking an apple juice but it is more sweet because of the tomato and carrot.

The taste somehow similar with Dazzling, only the energizer has a strong celery scent and taste. Some people maybe don't like the scent (BF is also the one, he complaints about the scent hahaha). It's a little bit sour than dazzling and the carrot taste also more strong than dazzling.  

Unfortunately this is my least favourite. The beet scent is quite disturbing for me. It smells like the scent of soil. The taste actually just okay. It is quite sour because of the lemon but again all I can focus is the beet because it's very strong. I prefer the celery taste than this one hehehe.

As you can see, I make an order of the popularity of the juices based on my family taste (Yes, I made the whole family tried it, including BF and also my yoga instructor hahaha, except my dad, who can't eat any vegetable at all). The other three (morning call, dazzling, energizer) are almost hit the bottom for only couple of hours. As for the ABC is still a lot wkwkwk.

My conclusion: This is a very smart choice if you want to eat a lot of vegetables / fruits but hate to chew it or see it on your plate. Just drink it! drink is a lot of easier than eat, right? I love the combination of the Ingredients that Juice Doctor made, because they always paired vegetables and fruits that makes vegetables hater like me feels more ease to try the juice. And also, did I mentioned already that no sugar added during the process? Yeah! so all the taste are natural taste that provide by the vegetables/fruits itself. Well done doctor juice! I love my "morning call" so much~

PS: The juice must keep refrigerated and The seller told me to finish it within 2 days. In fact I finish it after 3-4 hours hahaha.

Juice Doctor
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