Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX
Light gel-type texture provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation 

Packaging: Sturdy glass container, separate applicator, completely seal for a brand new product
I must admit that the packaging looks very elegant. The combination blue color and glass material packaging is very luxury and beautiful. They also give a little spoon to pick up the product. Problem with jar packaging is that we don't want to touch the cream directly from the packaging because it will affect the rest of the cream. The Jar itself is quite huge and heavy. I don't think it is wise to bring it during holiday, instead of that maybe we can store some products on a little container and bring it with us for a holiday. Why bother to bring this sleeping pack for holiday? Read more and you will know why~

Texture: Gel type, lightweight, fragrant scent, absorbs quickly, cool sensation
When the first time I opened the packaging, I was surprised about how light is this gel sleeping pack. It almost like use nothing on my skin. The scents also very relaxing and help me to calm my mind while I'm using this mask. I use quite thick layer on my skin at night before I go to sleep. Usually the scent will left for 15-20 minutes before completely gone. Along with the faded scent, the gel also completely absorb on my skin and left my skin moisturized. Also, I really love to use this mask when I was tired, the cool sensation is like a hit to my tired face. Like massaging an ice block on my face brrr [Thinking of going on a holiday? You maybe want to bring this baby with you. Imagine after a long day travelling all over the place, you will get a cool sensation from this mask and moisturizing effect for your skin to continue the journey tomorrow]. Another love from me is when I wake up in the morning, usually my skin tends to be super oily, but when I used this mask, my skin completely become normal in the morning. Not oily but also not dry, I can also feel my skin become more supple and moisturized.

The ingredients

PS: My sis, who have dry skin stated that she loveee this sleeping pack so much. She can feels that her skin become brighter and fresh in the morning after use this mask. Yay!

Pardon my super bare face~ 

I must admit that I was hesitant to try Laneige product at first, even though I'm such a big fan of korean products, I never have any laneige product before. Because I think their price is quite expensive. But I think I must change my mind about Laneige. This product (and also their BB Cushion) is worth to try!


  1. Aku juga pakai ini~ Pakai ini~ Pakai ini~ Sudah masuk botol ke 2, aku pakai seminggu 2 kali buat ngatasin kulitku yang suka dehidrasi dan mengelupas, padahal aku pemilik kulit super berminyak T^T

    Nyaman banget dah pakai ini~ Gak pernah ada masalah~ Walau emang sih harganya mahal, tapi kalau sebanding ama hasilnya, apalagi cucok rempong gini, SIKAT AJA DAH~ Hahaha~

    1. Astaga aku salah kasih link hahaha~ Maafkanlah~ >___<


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