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Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Hello ladies~ Today I want to show you my latest addiction. Lately I've been into this lip cream, I'm sure this is not a new product since it's been raved by many girls outside there. I owned 3 different shades of the famous NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. yay~ Let me share my personal opinion with you.

Packaging: NYX SMLC's packaging is tube made from plastic with brush applicator. The bottle's color are differentiated by the shades, but the cap is always the same color, black.
Shades + Swatches:

Antwerp : Red with hint of orange color.
My first one is Antwerp~ had read many good review about the SMLC so when it goes on sale and at that time I'm currently addicted to lippie product, I decided to purchased my first SMLC. Why Antwerp? I heard it is one of the popular shade and when I saw the swatch, I completely fell in love with the red coral color from this lip cream.

San Paulo: Red with hint of dark pink color
Second one is San Paulo~ I told my friend about my ne…

Review: Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser [Sponsored]

Hello again~ I'm quite productive lately, so proud of myself because I can blog more often. It's very hard to manage my time between work and blog. I need to steal some time during work-time to write this blog post hehehe *psst.. don't tell my boss* Anyway, lately I've been concern more about skincare. As you maybe noticed, my latest post almost all about skincare and only few that discuss about cosmetic. This one is no other *pleaseee don't be bored with my post* I still talk about skin care, well, body care to be excact hehehe. Few weeks ago, I saw an interesting email in my inbox, it is a notice about writing competition by Redwin. I was curious about the brand because I never heard bout it before (it is sold at my local drugstore such as guardian, but I missed to notice it before). So, I decided to join the competition, after all I need to sharpen my writing skill because I'm become more and more lazy to write hehehehe.

A little about Redwin, Redwin is a b…

IPL Treatment at Tokyo Belle ♥ [UPDATED-2]

UPDATE 22/09/2015 
Hi ladies, I'm having my 2nd IPL treatment last sunday (20/09/2015). Before I talk about the treatment, I will show you the progress of my hair growth after the first IPL Treatment. To remind you, I'm doing IPL on my lower arm. This is my hair condition after 1 month:

The hair still grow on some parts of my arm and still quite fast. I asked the beautician about how many treatment should I do before the hair completely gone? and all of them give me the same answer, it is depends on my hormone. Some people only need 4-5 treatments but some people need more (8-12). Btw, when I said quite fast, it doesn't meant my hair grow faster because of the treatment. The speed of my hair growth is still the same like before I try the IPL, usually after IPL, the hair growth will become slower but I still haven't experienced it.
For the second treatment, I was handled by 2 beautician (that's why I can't take pictures, because I can't move both o…

SHR Treatment at Bangkok Beauty Part 2

Read the Part 1 HERE

So... I'm back again with the SHR (Super Hair Removal) treatment with Bangkok Beauty. I'm back for my second treatment on August 23rd. It's already 1 month after my first treatment and during that time I don't shave my leg at all. Here is my leg condition 1 month after the treatment.

You maybe can't see clearly because I can't capture it clearly hikz. Some parts of  my leg doesn't show any hair growth at all. But,at some part the hair still growing. Based on my past experience, usually after 1 month my leg hair will be longer than this. Now after I see the result, I'm more excited to do the second treatment.
The steps are still the same like before. And like I promised on the first post, I will shoot a video this time. Click play to watch the whole process.

I also do the second treatment for underarm Vit C + Brightening Mask. This mask is really help for those who have a dark underarm. With only 1 treatment you can have a brighter …