Friday, September 4, 2015

SHR Treatment at Bangkok Beauty Part 2

Read the Part 1 HERE

So... I'm back again with the SHR (Super Hair Removal) treatment with Bangkok Beauty. I'm back for my second treatment on August 23rd. It's already 1 month after my first treatment and during that time I don't shave my leg at all. Here is my leg condition 1 month after the treatment.

You maybe can't see clearly because I can't capture it clearly hikz. Some parts of  my leg doesn't show any hair growth at all. But,at some part the hair still growing. Based on my past experience, usually after 1 month my leg hair will be longer than this. Now after I see the result, I'm more excited to do the second treatment.

The steps are still the same like before. And like I promised on the first post, I will shoot a video this time. Click play to watch the whole process.

I also do the second treatment for underarm Vit C + Brightening Mask. This mask is really help for those who have a dark underarm. With only 1 treatment you can have a brighter underarm. Of course the result isn't permanent. I also shoot a video for the whole process.

I noticed, there are some questions about this hair removal treatment. Mostly they asked me about the hair gorwth and mostly are afraid the hair will grow faster than before. From my experience, the hair growth is slower than before to the extent that it stop for some area even only after 1 treatment. I still wait the result for my second treatment. But, so far it doesn't grow faster than before and I don't have to shave it regularly like before.

Again, the result maybe difference for every people because of the hormone or another factors, but so far I'm pleased with my result :)

Will update the post again after my 3rd treatment. Stay Tune!

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