Tuesday, October 13, 2015

September Haul~

Hi, today I'm back again with my favourite post ever..It is Haul Post! yay~ I bought few new things since last month and now I will share it with you

Bioderma series!
The 250ml bottle is the first one that I bought around 1 week ago, sadly after I bought it, the next day they have big sale for the 500ml bottle. You can get the big bottle (500 ml) for only IDR 319K (while I bought the 250ml bottle for IDR 219K) hikz. Still with the same deal, I decided to bought the travel size. Usual price for 110ml bottle is IDR 132K, while I got mine from Sociolla for only IDR 99K (with free samples and mini pouch!) yay~ This is the first time I shop at Sociolla and I'm very pleased with the service. It is quick and the CS is very helpful, they also reply to my email quickly. It also comes with a cute pink box!

The last one is the latest product from Bioderma, I saw the deal from Bioderma's Instagram and manage to buy it at Guardian. It is buy 1 get 1 promo. With only IDR 99K you can get 2 (50ml) bottles of face mist. yay~

Starry Light Eye Tape
I've been curious about this eye tape since long time ago. Mostly because the founder is the famous Beauty Blogger, Stella Lee hehehehe. So, last month was Stella's bday month so they have a buy 1 get 1 deal for this eye tape. I bought one because I think it is a good deal. To be honest, I'm very hesitate to buy it with normal price because I think the price is a little expensive for an eye tape. With IDR 85K I got 2 sets (each set contains 36 pairs and glue). I've tried it and until now I can't really figure out how to wear it perfectly on my eyes. My eyes are really difficult to start with so I'm not blame the eye tape hahaha. Few MUAs that already meet me in person maybe know about this. Poke Yennyca~

Maycare Eye Tape
This is my usual eye tape that I used daily. Bought this at Tammia for IDR 23K / 72pair

Rudi Hadisuwarno Hair Spray
I'm so into curly hair lately so I decided to buy a hair spray to make my curly hair long last. Actually I want to buy aerosol hair spray (I heard the one from tressme is god, but when I go to Guardian, the BA said this is the only hair spray that they sell at that moment. So I bought it. But later when I stroll at the back of the store, I saw that tressme hair spray that I want. Sigh. The moment when you already pay something and then you see the one that you actually want to buy)

Drugstore brands: Nu Face Facial Mask, Ellips Hair Mask, Biore Pore Pack Batik Series, and Clean and Clear Oil Control Film
I'm running out my favourite face mask from Etude House so I decided to bought one from Nu face. I've already tried it several times and so far it works good for my skin.

Ellips hair mask is always my favourite brand. Recently I saw a new varian for this hair mask. Usually they only have 2 varians (pink and yellow color) but this time the color is pink-black combination. It also contains pro-keratin complex (I guess this is that makes it different with the other varians).

Repurchased the pore pack and oil control film, just because I use it weekly :)

Selection Round Cotton
This cotton is quite booming right now. Actually I've already knew it since months ago because my bro-in-law works at the company. He told me about their newest product, which is the round cotton. But I just buy it recently. After tried it for several days, I like this cotton better than the usual one (the rectrangular shape, also from same brand). It holds liquid inside the cotton and not easily tear.

That's all my haul for last month - early october :)


  1. penasaran sama hydrabio nya >_<
    kalau sensibio favorit aku ^^

    1. wah sama~ aku juga suka banget sama sensibio hehehe. Hydrabionya lumayan oke kok :)

  2. Hydrabio baru ajah launching udah dirimu beli, hihiii suka banget ama Bioderma ya :)
    btw the round cotton cleans my face well than the regular shape, its so happy i can see dirt capture by round one after facewash where regular cant do it.

    Come and see Ma Blog | MY Dellilah Blog |

    1. hehehe iya langsung beli soalnya pas liat promosinya ada buy 1 get 1 jadi langsung ambil aja :)
      Betull banget~ lebih ngangkat kotoran kalau pakai round cotton~

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  4. Sha itu selectionnya beli dimana? Aku lagi cari yang kya gni, lebih baguskan seratnya... Oia, harganya brp yaa

    1. Kemaren itu beli di carrefour, kalau ga salah harganya sekitar 14rb-15rb.. hehehe

  5. Really nice haul... Akkk... Pingin biodermanyaaa... =)

  6. jiejie dari semuanya paling menarik kapas nya! LOL
    bentuknya macam oreo sudah wkwkwwk
    pengen coba bentuk lingkaran deh dan baru tahu kalo sekrang ada wkwk
    thank you infonya ^^

    1. hahahaha iya kayaknya si round cotton ini lagi booming banget ya~


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