Monday, October 19, 2015

What's in my bag?

Hello, today I want to share about some beauty products that I always bring inside my bag. Actually I don't use make up for my daily activities. But, sometimes I have a meeting / event after office hour, so I need tidy myself and put a little make up to make my face look more fresh.
So, These are the products inside my bag (clockwise order)

Bioderma Soothing Refreshing Water
My recent addition. This is really help to make my face feel more fresh during the day.

Hello kitty Comb.
I have a very thick hair, so I always prefer a comb with wide teeth.

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film
My live saver! after my wallet and phone, this is the must have item in my bag

Line friends Mirror
Bought this in Korea just because I think I need to buy something from Line Store wkwkwkwk. 

Maybelline Baby Lips Color
My favourite lip balm now comes with color. Yay! this is a boost for my pale skin and a big help for my dry lips.

Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder Foundation
This is my current favourite powder. It has a nice coverage and it also can be works as a foundation. Usually I will wet the sponge with little water and tap it on the powder. 

Lulla Hair Tie
Life saver for bad hair day. 

Maycare Eye Tape
I used it daily and always stored it in my bag in case I need to replace mine with a new one.

The Body Shop White Musk Body Mist
I love the scent so much. It is soft and I think it is suits with any occassions.


  1. Aku kpn hari baru beli Babylips nya.. Setuju banget warnanya bagus.. :)

  2. paling suka klo baca blogpost "whats in my bag" XD
    waaa hello city comb nya lucu bgt >3<

  3. I can say for sure, your bag must be very neat & much cleaner than mine! XD
    The HK brush & line friends mirror are very cute~
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || My Last Day Of High School

  4. You like baby lips? It doesn't work for me.. It doesn't feel moisturizing. Even worse I think it makes my lip dry quicker. T_T

    Feel free to stop by Top 5 Korean Lip Tint


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