Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bangkok Beauty [Final Review]

Hello~ I'm back with my final review about SHR treatment at Bangkok Beauty. If you followed this blog for a while, you maybe noticed that I did hair removal for my lower leg at Bangkok Beauty. I've got to try the treatments for 3 times since July 2015. During that time, I've already made several posts about my leg condition. You can check the full post here and here.

So, last month (September 2015) I did my final treatment and now after 1 month, I'll share my opinion about the result. I will not talk about the step by step again because I've already write it on the first post. Now about the result~

After my 3rd treatment, I can see my lower leg "almost" free from unwanted hair. Why I said almost? that's because I still have several hairy areas on my lower leg. I've said this after my 1st treatment, that several areas on my leg are hair-free but some parts are still grow. This time is also the same, but it is slowly reduce. Now, I only have thin hair around my lower leg, near ankle, and also on the back side of my leg (for my right leg). As for my left leg, from the first time, my left part is somehow more clean than the right part. Even after the second treatments, I can see it's already look clean and hair-free, which for my right part, that result is after 3rd treatment. But, again, yes I can still see few thin hair but on very small area.

My final opinion: I think this Super Hair Removal treatment from Bangkok Beauty is really works. Yes, it does take several times/treatments before the unwanted hair completely gone but I think it is really worth the money if you have problem with unwanted hair. I am one of those who have serious problem with unwanted hair on my leg. Usually I need to shave the unwanted hair several times in 1 month, but after I try the SHR treatment (3x) now the hair on my leg is very thin and almost unnoticable so I don't need to shave it regularly like before, maybe I will do it once a month. hehehe~

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  1. you forget to put link direct your previous post,
    btw in my own opinion, hairy leg is not that bad, because it helps us from sunlight too :). hehe

    Meet Me, Writer Of | My Dellilah Blog |

    1. heloo..it's already linked :) thank you for you correction :)

  2. jadi pengen cobain ce *__*
    sekali treatment brp ya?


    1. Shel..lower leg start from IDR 1200K..kalau paketan lebih murah.. pricelist lengkapnya di postku yang ini: http://missbelanjaonline.blogspot.co.id/2015/08/bangkokbeauty1st.html ^^

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